How to Buy a Car Dashboard Cover

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The dashboard cover in a car plays an important role despite lacking mechanical parts. For one thing, it adds to the aesthetic appeal of your interior, hiding less attractive parts from the eye. More importantly, however, it protects all of the gauges, controls, and other components built into your dashboard from damage. Over time, these protective covers can crack or fade from sun exposure and require replacements.
In this article, Method 1 describes the steps to buy a dashboard cover specifically designed to fit your vehicle. Method 2 outlines what is different about purchasing a universal dashboard cover.

Method 1 of 2: Buying a dashboard cover made for your car

Step 1: Examine your existing dashboard cover. Take note of its color, material, and any other general features that stand out.
Step 2: Write down the make, model, and year of your car. Even if you know all of these details already, it doesn’t hurt to have them written down in front of you when you begin shopping around.
Step 3: Begin shopping around for the best deal. The best deal is not necessarily the cheapest.
Take quality into consideration as well; certain materials, for instance, wear better over time - molded plastic dashboards are particularly durable while fabric ones will not last as long, for instance.
Check local retail stores and also online for car dashboard cover options.
Step 4: Make a choice. Weigh your options according to your needs and commit to a purchase. Take into account your budget, the importance of aesthetics, and if a warranty is offered from the supplier.

Method 2 of 2: Buying a universal dashboard cover

Step 1: Follow steps 1 through 3 of Method 1. Most of the steps involved in buying a universal car dashboard cover are the same as with purchasing a cover made for a specific car, but there is one major difference.
Step 2: Double-check that the universal cover fits your vehicle as you shop. While the term “universal” suggests that the dashboard cover will fit all vehicles, that is not always the case.
Check the package for a list of vehicles the cover fits, or ask the sales representative of your local retail store or online venue.
Step 3: Weigh your options and choose appropriately. As in Method 1, some aspects of a car dashboard cover will be more important to you than others, so give your options careful consideration before you choose.
Also, bear in mind a guarantee or flexible return policy may be even more important with a universal dashboard cover. After all, not all sales representatives are experts on every product, and you may have been unintentionally led astray.
The process of purchasing a car dashboard cover does not have to be difficult. Just follow the proper steps and use your discretion in weighing your potential choices, and you will be more likely to be happy with your final decision.

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