How to Avoid Paying a Broker’s Fee for Car Insurance

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Insurance brokers make a profit by collecting commissions on the policies they sell to their customers. In some cases, they also charge additional fees to consumers, called insurance broker fees.
Auto insurance premiums are already a costly monthly expense, the last thing you want to do is pile on extra fees. Here’s everything you need to know about avoiding them.

Why car insurance brokers charge an extra fee

A broker helps the insurance buyer find the right policy for their needs at the most competitive price. When they match you up with an insurer, they collect commissions from the insurance company for their work and they also might charge you an additional fee for their services to increase their profit.
The savings on car insurance broker secures for you might be worth the savings even if you take the fee into consideration. For example, a broker might be able to find you $150 in coverage savings per year while charging you $50 in broker’s fees.

How to avoid extra car insurance broker’s fees

If you do your due diligence when shopping around for brokers and car insurance companies, you should easily be able to avoid broker fees. Here’s how:
Buy your policy directly from the insurer: If you know exactly what you want to be covered for in an insurance policy and have done comparison price shopping on your own, you don’t have to use a broker to save money. Instead, you can purchase car insurance directly from the insurance provider. By purchasing directly from the insurance company, you can save any middleman charges and broker’s fees.
Buy your insurance from a captive agent or an independent agent: If you want to deal with someone who can lend their expertise to your situation without paying extra fees, an insurance agent is a great choice. A captive agent is someone who works for (and represents) the insurer, while an independent agent might work with multiple carriers and makes their profit solely through commission.
Ask the agent if they charge broker’s fees: Another way to avoid paying broker’s fees is to outright ask a broker if there are any fees for their services (and take your business elsewhere if you don’t want to pay fees). Across the United States, brokers must disclose if they’re charging fees to the end-user. Not only must it be clearly stated, you’ll also be required to sign a broker fee agreement before paying any fees.
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