How to Adjust Headlights

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Adjusting your car headlights is an easy process once you know what to do. Manufacturers make it easy enough that you can do it yourself.
When your car headlights are out of alignment, it affects your driving capabilities. It makes it hard to see everything on the road, inhibiting your ability to drive safely and to avoid road hazards and other vehicles.
It is also dangerous for other drivers, as they can be unintentionally blinded by your oncoming lights. While there are many reasons they may have moved out of place and aren’t shining right, it is usually a fairly simple process to adjust car headlights.
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Locate your headlight adjustment screws

You'll start by finding your owner's manual. It should list the location of your vertical and horizontal headlight adjustment screws.
If you cannot find your manual, you can also find the information online. When looking at your headlights, note that the adjustment screws are longer than the fastening screws that hold your headlights in place.

Determine your current headlight alignment

Once you've found your headlight adjustment screws, you'll need to determine your alignment. This will require measuring tape and masking tape.
Step 1: Locate a level spot facing a wall or garage door. You will use the flat surface as a means to check your current headlight alignment.
Step 2: Measure a 25-foot line. The line should be straight back from the wall or garage door.
Using the measuring tape, measure a direct line that is 25 feet from the wall. Mark the spot with a piece of masking tape.
Step 3: Park your car close to the wall. You want to park the car a few from the wall with the headlights on.
Step 4: Mark the reference lines. You will need to mark two lines of reference on the wall or garage door.
Use a piece of masking tape to mark the center of the horizontal lines of your low beams on the wall. Use another piece to mark the center of the vertical lines, intersecting with the first horizontal line.

Adjust your car headlights

Step 1: Reverse car to the 25-foot line . Park your car at the line marked 25 feet from the wall.
Make sure your headlights are still on and your car is facing the reference lines marked on the wall or garage door.
Step 2: Adjust headlight adjustment screws as needed. If necessary, use the screwdriver to adjust the vertical and horizontal screws.
The center point of each headlight beam should hit about two inches below the crossing point of the horizontal and vertical reference marks.
That’s all it takes to adjust your car headlights. Consider taking on the task when the sun is starting to set or at night when it is easier to see the reference points to mark on the wall.
The tweaking can be done by yourself in very little time. Start by finding your headlight adjustment screws, continue by determining your current alignment, and finish by adjusting your car headlights.
Soon, you’ll be able to hit the road with a better view of what’s ahead. Keep your headlights in perfect working order by cleaning them occasionally and clearing them when they're foggy.
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