How to Add a Name to a Car Title

Add a name to a car title with a transfer of title form and signatures of both parties. The forms can be delivered in person or mailed to the DMV.

Amber Dowler
How to Add a Name to a Car Title

There are different circumstances for needing to add a name to a car title. You may be recently married and would like to add your spouse, or you may want a family member to be able to regularly use the car. Whatever the case may be, adding a name to a car title is straightforward when you follow these steps in this article. Step 1 advises finding the existing title, Step 2 tells you where to sign the title, Step 3 explains where to write your name as a buyer, Step 4 describes how to print and submit a Transfer of Title form, Step 5 recommends updating your vehicle registration, and Step 6 advises notifying your insurance company of the changes made.

Part 1 of 1: How to add a name to your car title

Step 1: Find the existing title. The first thing you need to do to add a name to the title is find the old title. If you do not know where the old title is you can apply for a replacement through your state’s DMV.

You can find the title requirements for each specific state through a third party website like

Step 2: Sign the title on the seller line. While you are not actually selling the vehicle you will sign the title as if you are selling it to yourself and whomever you want to add. You will sign the back of the title on the seller line.

Depending on the state this may need to be done in front of a notary. You can get a document notarized at most banks either for free or for a small fee (usually no more than $10).

Step 3: Write both of your names as buyers. Print your name and the additional person’s name under the buyers section of the title. This step may also require a notary, depending on the state.

The person being added to the title needs to sign their name under the buyer section only, while you will need to sign under both buyer and seller.

Step 4: Submit a Transfer of Title form. Go to the DMV website for your state and download a Transfer of Title form.

Print the form and complete it with all of the necessary information. Return the completed form in person or mail it to the DMV. There will be a transfer fee that is usually under $50.

Step 5: Update your vehicle registration. Depending on the state, you can simply add the new person to your existing registration information.

Some states, however, require additional paperwork for the full name to be added in a specific amount of time.

Step 6: Notify your insurance company. Inform your insurance company that a new name has been added to the title and provide a copy of the title for their records.

Once you’ve sent off the paperwork with the new addition to your car title, you’ll have to wait a few weeks for the revised one to arrive.

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