How Much Does It Cost to Move a Mobile Home?

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The price to move a mobile home can range anywhere from $5,000 to $13,000, depending on a variety of factors.
Contrary to their name, mobile homes aren’t all that mobile. They’re better classified as manufactured or ready-to-move (RTM) homes. Sure, they can be placed on virtually any property that has a flat space and access to utilities, but it’s a chore to have one relocated.
If you’re planning to move but want to bring your mobile home with you, here’s what you need to know about transporting and the price to move a mobile home, including unexpected hidden costs of moving.

Factors affecting the cost to move a mobile home

Whether you’ve purchased your own little piece of paradise in a rural area or you’ve found a mobile home park with cheaper fees, it’s certainly possible to move a mobile home. Unlike a travel trailer or fifth wheel, though, you can’t just hook up a truck to the hitch and pull away.
Moving a mobile home is a process that takes skill and knowledge that’s outside the average driver’s wheelhouse. A professional moving company is often the best and the only legal choice to move it. And the cost to move your mobile home to a new location is based on several factors.

1. The size of your mobile home

Mobile homes vary greatly in weight. An older mobile home up to around 1980 will weigh around 40 pounds per square foot, while newer ones can weigh 50 pounds per square foot or more. Modern buildings with high ceilings can range up to 70 pounds per square foot.
Towing requirements vary, and the weight affects how much fuel the tow vehicle burns, too. All of those costs are passed along to you, the owner.

2. The foundation

Where your mobile home will be placed on the new site (a basement or crawlspace, for example) makes a difference for the movers to provide a quote. The foundation’s stability and if it’s coming off is another crucial factor in finding an accurate cost estimate.

3. Additional utilities or structures

If your mobile home has a central air conditioner, a shed, or a veranda, the movers will need additional time to prep the move. Of course, that means higher costs.

4. Moving distance

Naturally, the further you want your mobile home moved, the higher the transportation costs. Trucks pulling your multi-ton home burn a lot of fuel, and even a handful of extra miles will make it more expensive.

5. Insurance

If you’re moving something as valuable as your home, insuring it while it’s in transit is a good plan. Your typical mobile home insurance doesn’t cover the move, so you’ll have to buy additional coverage.

6. Unexpected services

Older mobile homes may need additional cribbing to handle the road. If you want the movers to take care of the lot cleanup, that’s going to cost you. Account for a little extra when you’re planning your move.

Average cost to move a mobile home

How much is it to move a mobile home? Nailing down an accurate cost to move your mobile home requires some research from local movers. Costs from one state to the next will vary. However, a rough idea of the price to move a mobile home can be estimated based on its size.
  • For a full-service single-wide move within about 50 miles, you can expect to pay between $5,000 and $8,000.
  • For a double-wide move over the same distance that includes set-up and hookup fees, the price typically ranges from $10,000 to $13,000.

Do I need a permit to have my mobile home moved?

It’s not as straightforward as just pulling your home down the highway. In almost every state, you are required to have a permit to move a mobile home. In fact, only professional movers are able to legally move an RTM building in most areas.
For example, a permit to move a modular home in Illinois is required by law, with the permit at a low cost of $15. In other parts of the country, the permit may be up to $100. Permit cost is another thing to consider when figuring out the cost to move a mobile home.
Key Takeaway The cost of moving mobile homes varies widely and is based on the size of the home and how far it is being moved.
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