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If you’ve opened Instagram, Facebook, or TikTok, you’ve likely seen ads for Jerry
So, you probably already know that Jerry is an insurance broker app that will help you comparison shop for car insurance and take care of all of the paperwork and changeover for you, saving you time and money. 
You may even know that Jerry has a roadside assistance program, offering things like jumpstarts, lockout service, key replacement, towing, and more. Along with traditional benefits, you get in-app tracking for the status of your service and the ability to contact your service provider directly.  
But, you might wonder how it all works. We’ve compiled some Jerry car insurance reviews from our users to help you understand how Jerry can work for you! 

Jerry can help you save A LOT 

First and foremost, Jerry can help you save money—a lot of money. In fact, on average, Jerry users save $879 per year on their car insurance premiums!
Jerry will take your information, and in just 45 seconds, Jerry will provide you with quotes from 50+ providers. You can compare the prices, so you can save the most money possible. 
Here are a few folks who Jerry has helped save money:

Electric car owners

Jerry saved me $80 a month! I have a Tesla Model Y and wanted to lower my rates. And they did! I really recommend you give this a shot!” —Nick M.

Families with multiple cars

“When we added a new car to our family, we were shocked at how high our current insurer was going to hike our rates. We used Jerry for some comparison shopping and are now saving around $1000 a year. Thank you, Jerry!” –Darius P.

Families with multiple drivers

“My policy covers two people and four cars: a truck, SUV, convertible, and muscle car. Jerry helped me go from paying $308 a month to $125 a month with the same coverage. I’m loving the savings.” ––Jocelyn A.

Luxury car owners

“Insurance companies originally charged me $189 while driving my BMW 300 miles per year. Thanks to Jerry, I only pay $56! I’m so happy.” —Ray T. 

People who live in states with high premiums

Jerry quoted me a price that saved me almost $4000 a year in California! I definitely recommend Jerry.” ––Patricia B.

… Or in pricey cities

“I was struggling to find an affordable deal in Detroit, MI because insurance here is so expensive. Working with Jerry, filling out the information is painless, and I connected with an agent to talk about specific plans. I definitely could not have found a better deal without Jerry!” ––Marlin M.

People who want the same coverage at a better price

“I was literally floored by the savings Jerry found for me. I was paying close to $960 every 6 months and now I’m paying $380 every 6 months for IDENTICAL COVERAGE in North Carolina!” ––Olivia Z.

Car owners who want policies with top providers

“It never occurred to me to look for more insurance quotes, but I’m so happy I saw Jerry. After using the app, I am saving $2000+ a year through my new Progressive plan. It blew my mind!” ––Jarod M. 

And even car owners with previous accidents

Jerry makes choosing new insurance as easy as grocery shopping. Even though I had a car accident within the past 2 years, Jerry found me a great deal with Nationwide—I went from paying $340 to $90 a month!”—Pan N. 

Jerry helps young drivers find the best rates

Young drivers have notoriously high car insurance rates. That said, young drivers who use Jerry can still find ways to save! 

On first cars

“I’m young and just got my first car, so choosing an insurance company for the first time was scary. My friend recommended this app to me and Jerry made everything simple! I put in my info and got something more affordable than what I expected for my age!” —Leslie T.

On multiple vehicles

“As a young person who owns a sports car and a high-end sedan, I couldn’t find quotes below a certain threshold. By using Jerry, I managed to find full comprehensive coverage on both vehicles and am now saving $150 a month!” ––Channing Y.

On cars for teens (who can legally drive)

“I was worried that adding my 16-year-old daughter would spike my insurance rates. I called and spoke to Tim, who was pleasant to work with and got me new rate savings. Jerry really helped me save thousands.” —Marshall D. 

On policies for college students

“I’m a young adult in college. I paid for overpriced insurance until I found Jerry found me a fast and easy quote. It reduced my costs by 60%.” —Niveah M.

Tell your friends!

“I’m 21, and my insurance rates have been really high for a while. In less than 30 minutes, Jerry switched my car insurance and cut my costs in half! I recommend Jerry to my friends now!” —Liliana E.

Jerry helps drivers with imperfect driving records

It can be hard to find insurance if you have a checkered driving history—let alone find affordable rates. 
Luckily, Jerry can help with that too! These drivers have used Jerry to save money on insurance premiums—despite their less-than-ideal driving history.

Drivers with speeding tickets

“My speeding ticket raised my insurance to $310/month. Jerry got me full comprehensive coverage on two vehicles for $144/month through Progressive. I definitely recommend giving them a try.” —Brandon D.

Drivers with blemished records

“I have a really bad record, so all of my previous insurance quotes were pretty high. I started using Jerry and the fantastic app saved me $130 a month on my insurance.” —Jett A.

Young drivers with accidents

Jerry was spot on. I’m young with one rear end on my record. Still, they dropped my monthly insurance rate from $468 to $250. This really saved me money.” —Jason M.

Drivers who were previously rejected

“I recently started looking for insurance. With my past ticket, I got rejected from several companies while others charged me extreme prices. My friend referred me to Jerry and their amazing customer service helped me get the lowest insurance rate.” —Christina H.

Jerry’s customer service is out of this world

Car insurance policies and procedures can be complicated. Oftentimes, drivers don’t actually know what they are signing or what their rates mean. 
Not only can Jerry help you save money, Jerry associates are available to help explain all of the complicated jargon—and find you more ways to save.
Here are a few ways our users have found Jerry’s customer service to be first-rate. 

For getting clarification on a policy

“WOW. Jerry has been so easy to use. I called a representative when I wanted some clarification, and they walked me through the entire process of finding a new rate for full coverage on my luxury vehicle.” ––Beth G.

For drivers who aren’t happy with their original quotes

“I would 11/10 recommend Jerry. I was originally quoted $700+ for insurance for my new car, but by using Jerry I got my payments down to $320 a month. They also have a great support team ready to answer any questions!” ––Tobias F. 

For people with busy schedules

“I just had to buy a new car, and I needed quick help to get insurance before I could get my plates. Because I work so many hours, Jerry was the ideal choice for getting things done without long phone calls and waiting periods.” ––Rosa G.

For help understanding the law

“When using Jerry, I was impressed at how their representative took care of my situation. He was so knowledgeable about my state’s insurance laws!” ––Rabi B. 

For help with jargon

Jerry was a great experience. It was my first time buying insurance, and they took their time explaining a lot of insurance terms for me. Shopping around for quotes was super easy!” —Dakota F.

For bundling auto and home insurance

Jerry was wonderful! I used it for my auto and renters policies. I trusted it so much that I signed up for my homeowner’s insurance under Jerry as well. All of the agents are amazingly nice and knowledgeable.” —Mary Y.

For people who need a friend

Jerry is my new best friend. It was a smooth transaction, and I got the insurance I need to finally purchase my new car!” ––JP C.

Jerry is quick and easy to use

Best of all, using Jerry is a breeze. All it takes is downloading the app and inputting a bit of information, and then Jerry takes care of all of the rest.
Long waits? Tiresome phone calls? Endless paperwork? Jerry does it all. Jerry will even cancel your old policy for you, so you have none of the bureaucratic hassles. 
Here’s how it works: 

It’s all app-based

Jerry is a great service made easy for a newbie. It was my first time buying car insurance and everything was quickly taken care of. Everything was done in the app, so that was incredibly satisfying.” —August M. 

With a little information…

“I felt like I was paying too much for my insurance policy, so I downloaded Jerry. I literally only typed in 3 pieces of info and Jerry found my current insurance. In a few minutes, they pulled up 2 Progressive policies that showed $900 in savings over 6 months!” ––Maeve J.

… Jerry does the hard work of finding quotes for you

Jerry was pretty amazing. They found me quotes with every company at the cheapest price possible! Then I decided which company and coverage I preferred. As a new, young driver, I had a great experience!” —Sean E.

In the time it takes to walk a dog

“I’ve used Jerry twice now, and their service is phenomenal. In 7 minutes I changed to a Progressive plan that was the best deal for me. Everyone I’ve talked to at the company has been wonderful, too!” ––Reese M. 

It’s great for people who hate phone calls

“Sometimes I get social anxiety, so chatting on the phone can be painful. With Jerry, I just used their app and everything went amazingly well. Super simple for my first time buying.” —Daisy V.

You can even get insurance while you sleep

“Since I’m under 25, I thought paying a lot for insurance was normal. Jerry made it easy to find affordable insurance. It was even easy to switch insurance agencies. I went to bed and woke up with new insurance.” —Steven C.

It’s like magic

“This app is all about savings! Jerry just saved me $193/month on my car insurance. They found me the cheapest policies out there and with better coverage! Seriously, just sit back and watch Jerry work its magic.” —Rachel B.
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