How a DUI Affects a Teen's Car Insurance Premium

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    A DUI can cause car insurance premiums to go up substantially. Teenagers, in particular, end up paying a high price for having a DUI on their record. And while abstaining from drinking while driving represents the best way to avoid the higher car insurance premiums that a DUI brings, a teen does have some options if they end up with a DUI on their driving record.
    Depending on whether the teen is included on their parent's car insurance policy or they have their own plays a huge part in how much their premiums go up following a DUI, as detailed in the sections below.

    How a DUI affects premiums for a teen on a parent's car insurance policy

    A teen who drives a car owned by their parents and is on their parents' car insurance policy ends up costing less in the long run if they get a DUI. A teen with a DUI can expect the family insurance policy to double. So, if the parents pay $100 for insurance a month, they can expect that premium to rise to $200, according to the Auto Insurance Center.
    Parents should also keep in mind that once their teen takes ownership of a car, the teen needs to get their own insurance on a separate policy. Since a DUI stays on the teen's record, once they move out or assume ownership of a vehicle, they can expect their insurance premiums to rise exponentially.

    How a DUI affects premiums if the teen has their own car insurance policy

    A teen with their own car insurance policy usually pays at least $500 or more per month without a DUI. Add a DUI to their record, and they can expect their premiums to rise by about two-thirds, to roughly $800 or more.
    In addition, a DUI brings more monetary punishments than just a car insurance premium increase. This includes the bail money paid to stay out of jail until the court date for the DUI, any associated penalties further imposed by the court as punishment, lawyer fees, and any court fees owed to the court.

    Other effects of a DUI

    In addition to monetary fees, penalties, and court costs, a DUI conviction might even get a teen kicked off the parents' car insurance policy. The teen can also lose their license or even have their ability to get a license taken away if they are under the age of 16. Another penalty includes community service, which the courts tend to mandate for young offenders in lieu of jail time.
    A DUI can also cause problems with the teen getting a job and cause legal issues for the teens' parents, up to and including removal of the teen from their custody if they do not comply with a court order to appear alongside their teen. Most often, the stigma of a DUI follows a teen around for a long time, causing many problems for them down the road.

    How to get a DUI removed from a teen's driving record

    When a teen gets a DUI and it goes on their driving record, they should expect it to remain there for at least five years. Some states impose additional penalties, such as a DUI affecting sentencing for other crimes for up to 20 years.
    While a teen can try to get the DUI expunged from their record, this represents an expensive prospect. An alcohol education class represents another possibility for getting a DUI removed from a teen's driving record. At the very least, the DUI should come off their driving record after five years and should cause no further problems as long as they stay out of trouble.
    A DUI can seriously affect how much a car insurance costs, with premium hikes especially high for teens. If someone gets a DUI as a teen, however, they can get it off their driving record within five years, allowing them to get on with their life.

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