3 Haunted Road Trips in New England

Check out Jerry’s guide to three road trips that cover all of the most haunted places to stay, eat, and explore in New England.
Written by R.E. Fulton
Reviewed by Carrie Adkins
If you’re an amateur paranormal investigator—or just a fan of spooky season—it’s time to take a haunted road trip through New England. Drive along the coast from
to Cape Cod, loop through the haunted hills of
New Hampshire
, or head south from
to a murderous bed-and-breakfast in Fall River.
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After that’s set, you’re ready to take these three autumnal routes through haunted New England.
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Route 1: Connecticut to Cape Cod, MA—Key Trip Details

Easton, CT to Cape Cod, MA
If you’re looking for a haunted road trip you can do in a day, drive along the Connecticut coast towards Cape Cod. This route from Connecticut’s most haunted cemetery to a historic bed-and-breakfast will take just four hours one way. You could also stay the night in Cape Cod before venturing back to your starting point.
One-way distance: 201 Miles
One-way driving time: 3 hours 30 minutes
Suggested trip length: 1 to 2 days

Connecticut to Cape Cod itinerary

  • Easton, CT
  • Providence, RI
  • Cape Cod, MA

Start: Easton, CT

Easton, CT
Easton, CT is a small, picturesque New England town known for its farming history. The town itself is sleepy, with only a few shops on its country roads. That said, it’s home to one of New England’s spookiest sites—
Union Cemetery
, which is the start of our road trip.
Located by an old Baptist church at the junction of routes 59 and 136, this 400-year-old cemetery is one of the most haunted places in New England.

What to do at Union Cemetery

  • Look for the woman in whiteUnion Cemetery’s most famous ghost is a woman in a white gown, who sometimes stops drivers on Route 59. Legends don’t agree on the origin of her story: she might have murdered her husband in the 1940s, but some say she died in childbirth and walks the cemetery looking for her child.
  • Watch out for red eyes—If you’re venturing into Union Cemetery near nightfall, you might see floating red eyes among the tombstones.
Pro Tip: If you’re starting your day in Easton, fuel up at the
—a local favorite for baked goods and coffee.

Easton, CT to Providence, Rhode Island

127 miles, 2 hours 10 minutes
As the capital of
Rhode Island
Providence boasts a rich history, covering everything from colonialism to organized crime. Today, its top-tier universities are a major draw, but its mob history is alive—or undead—and well at the
The Providence Biltmore Hotel aka The Graduate

What to do at The Graduate

Providence, RI
  • Stroll the haunted hotel grounds—The Providence Biltmore Hotel is one of the most haunted hotels in New England. This high-end Beaux-arts hotel, which used to be a speakeasy, hosted mobsters’ parties and Satanic rituals during Prohibition.
  • Eat at
    ($$) at The Graduate—At the Graduate’s immersive sports-inspired eatery, you might just hear ghostly glasses clinking upstairs. While you’re there, try some local fish and chips or the region’s famous clam chowder.
Pro Tip If you want to take a few days for your trip, book a night to stay at one of the swanky rooms in The Graduate. Maybe you’ll be visited by a ghost!

Providence, RI to Cape Cod, MA

74.1 miles, 1 hour 20 minutes
Take Route 44 out of Providence—but don’t pick up any hitchhikers. This New England highway is rumored to be one of the country’s most haunted roads. Just outside of Rehoboth, MA, you might see a redheaded hitchhiker trying to catch a ride.
Once you get to Cape Cod, you’re headed to
The Orleans Waterfront Inn
for the old-school seafaring charm and some serious paranormal activity.

What to do at The Orleans Waterfront Inn

Orleans, MA
  • Listen for footsteps—Guests at the Waterfront Inn have reported cold gusts of air and unexplained noises, including footsteps when nobody is walking.
  • Avert your eyes from Hannah—The inn’s most famous ghost comes from the period in the 1920s when the former captain’s mansion was used as a brothel. Visitors claim to have seen a nude woman named Hannah on the inn’s main staircase.
Pro tip Time your arrival in Orleans to catch the sunset over the Atlantic.
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Route 2: Lake Bomoseen, VT to Bretton Woods, NH—Key Trip Details

Lake Bomoseen, VT, to Bretton Woods, NH
If you want a haunted road trip with opportunities to hike and unwind, take this drive through the hills of Vermont and New Hampshire. Though this trip could be done in a few hours, we recommend taking your time and spreading the journey out over a few days.
One-way distance: 169 miles
One-way driving time: 3 hours 56 minutes
Suggested trip length: 2 to 3 days

Connecticut to Cape Cod itinerary

  • Lake Bomoseen—Castleton, VT—1 to 1.5 days
  • Stowe, VT—One half to 1 day
  • Bretton Woods, NH—1 to 1.5 days

Start: Castleton, VT

Castleton, VT
Nestled in the hills of western Vermont is
Lake Bomoseen State Park
, a beautiful freshwater lake that just happens to be haunted. If you stand on the shore, you might see a ghostly rowboat carrying the doomed quarry workers who drowned on the lake in 1929.

What to do at Lake Bomoseen State Park

  • Take a hike to a ghost town—Lake Bomoseen State Park offers plenty of hiking opportunities. Take the Slate History Trail to explore the ruins of West Castleton, an abandoned quarry town.

Where to stay in Lake Bomoseen State Park

  • Lake Bomoseen Lodge
    —To give yourself more hiking time, start your road trip with a day or two at the rustic Lake Bomoseen Lodge. Many of the rooms offer great views of the lake. Cost per night: from $115

Castleton, VT to Stowe, VT

82.4 miles, 2 hours
Once you’ve had your fill of the lake, hop in the car and head two hours north to Stowe. The town’s most famous ghost is Boots Berry, who died saving a girl from the icy roof of the Green Mountain Inn in 1902. Locals say that when it snows, you can still hear him dancing on the roof.
To get to Stowe, take VT-30 N to VT-73 E.

What to do in Stowe

Stowe, VT
  • Drive (carefully) across Emily’s Bridge—On your way into Stowe, you’ll drive over a covered bridge named after Emily, a woman who hanged herself from the bridge’s rafters in the 1840s after being abandoned there by her lover. Some say she’ll scratch the paint on your car as you drive over the bridge.
  • Green Mountain Inn and Spa
    —If you’re starting to feel spooked, let your tension out with a massage at Stowe Village Massage in Boots Berry’s eternal home, the Green Mountain Inn. Cost per night: from $170
Pro Tip You can find a hearty meal in Stowe as it caters to skiers during the winter. Try
Harrison’s Restaurant
($$$) to keep your blood sugar up as you chase the paranormal.

Stowe, VT to Bretton Woods, NH

86.9 miles, 52 minutes
Leaving Stowe, head to the final stop of the trip—the
Mount Washington Hotel at Bretton Woods
located in Carroll, NH.
The Mountain Washington Hotel in Bretton Woods, NH might be the swankiest haunted hotel in New England. Originally built in 1902 and recently renovated and expanded, the resort offers fine dining, indulgent spa services, and an award-winning golf course.

What to do in Bretton Woods

Mount Washington Hotel, NH
  • Try to Book Room 314—The hotel’s most haunted room is Room 314, where you can sleep in the original bed of Carolyn Stickney, wife of the hotel’s architect (and later, a French prince!). You might see the lights flicker, or catch a whiff of Princess Carolyn’s perfume. Cost per night: from $292
  • Explore the abandoned towers—Mount Washington’s lofty towers are empty today, but ghost hunters say they’re a hotspot for paranormal activity!
Pro tip: Split this trip up over two days to make sure you have time to explore Bomoseen State Park.
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Route 3: Haynesville, ME to Fall River, MA—Key Trip Details

Haynesville, ME to Fall River, MA
Looking for a multi-day haunted road trip through New England? This route is perfect for a longer adventure. Along the way, you’ll get to explore haunted cemeteries and lighthouses, and stay in not one, but two haunted hotels!
One-way distance: 383 miles
One-way driving time: 6 hours 42 minutes
Suggested trip length: 3 to 5 days

Haynesville, ME to Fall River, MA itinerary

  • Haynesville, ME—One half to 1 day
  • Bangor ME—1 to 2 days
  • Kennebunkport, ME—1 day
  • Boston, MA—1 to 2 days
  • Fall River, MA—1 day

Haynesville, Maine

The scenic Haynesville Woods in northern Maine is home to the most haunted stretch of highway in New England. The drive is so haunted there’s a song about it—"A Tombstone Every Mile" by Dick Curless.

What to do in Haynesville, ME

Haynesville, ME
  • Drive Route 2A used to be a major trucking route carrying potatoes to Boston. Legend has it that truckers used to die on a dangerous hairpin turn, so drive carefully if you’re here in the winter!
  • Keep driving—Even if a pale woman begs you to stop. The famous ghost claims that her husband is trapped in their car, but they’ve both been dead for years. She’s one of the only ghosts on the road who wasn’t a trucker.

Haynesville, ME to Bangor, ME

90.1 miles, 1 hour 31 minutes
Take I-95 S to Bangor, and make a stop at the country’s second-oldest rural cemetery—established in 1834. Horror fans might recognize it as one of the major filming locations for Pet Sematary.

What to do in Bangor, ME

Stephen King's mansion, Bangor, ME
  • The Mount Hope Cemetery
    —The Mount Hope Cemetery Corporation offers guided tours, but if you prefer to make your own route, check out the online self-guided interactive option.
  • Swing by Stephen King’s eccentric mansion—On your way out of town, cut through downtown for a glimpse of the writer’s spooky historic home, complete with its bat-and-spider wrought-iron gate.

Bangor, ME to Kennebunkport, ME

Leaving Bangor, head towards the coast to Kennebunkport. The quaint, coastal town is the perfect backdrop for some spooky ghost tales.
To get to Kennebunkport, take I-95 S to I-295 S

Where to stay in Kennebunkport, ME

Kennebunkport is the last stop in Maine before you venture to Massachusetts, making it an ideal place to spend the night.
  • James Fairfield House
    —This artful and eclectic boutique hotel was once the home of a sea captain’s daughter. Her father—Captain Fairfield—is said to haunt the basement. Cost per night: from $245

Where to eat in Kennebunkport, ME

  • Musette
    ($$)—It’s just a five-minute drive from the James Fairfield House to Musette—a restaurant serving up classic New England fare focused on fresh, local ingredients. Don’t miss the lobster!
Pro Tip Add a stop at the
Wood Island Light
. This quaint, historic lighthouse is just a 22-minute drive from Kennebunkport, and it is said to be haunted by the ghost of a sheriff’s deputy, murdered in 1890 by a squatter on the island.

Kennebunkport ME to Boston, MA

84.2 miles, 1 hour 36 minutes
After spending time in coastal Maine, it’s time to head to Boston. Though the city is known for its colonial history, Boston is rich with spooky stories and tales just waiting to be uncovered.
To get to Boston, take I-95 S to US-1 S for just under 2 hours.

Where to stay in Boston

  • Omni Parker Hotel
    —The infamous Omni Parker Hotel is located close to Freedom Trail landmarks. Over the years, the hotel has hosted quite a few luminaries—and several ghouls and ghosts. Cost per night: from $247

What to do in Boston

King's Chapel Burying Grounds, Boston
  • King's Chapel Burying Grounds
    —The historic cemetery along the Freedom Trail is the place of rest for several notable Boston residents—some of whom like to still make their presence known.
  • Visit Boylston Street Station—Watch out for redcoats on the country’s oldest subway line. Boston’s Green Line runs through an unmarked mass grave of Revolutionary War soldiers, so keep your eyes peeled for any paranormal activity while you’re here.

Where to eat in Boston

  • Ned Devine’s
    ($$)—Stop for a haunted brunch at this lively Irish pub located in Quincy Market at Faneuil Hall. Employees sometimes hear the screams of Victor Hendrickson, who was dismembered by manufacturing equipment in 1907.

Boston, MA to Fall River, MA

52.4 miles, 1 hour
Just an hour from Boston is Fall River, MA—the home of Lizzie Borden and the site of one of the most infamous true-crime stories in Massachusetts history. There’s not much else to do in Fall River, but that’s okay—you’re here for one reason
To get to Fall River, take I-93 S.

Where to stay in Fall River, MA

The Lizzie Borden Bed and Breakfast, Fall River
  • The Lizzie Borden Bed and Breakfast
    —Obviously. This is the house where Lizzie Borden brutally murdered her parents in 1892 has been a museum and bed-and-breakfast since 1996. Book ahead to stay in the murder suite. The John V. Morse Suite, which sleeps two, is the only bedroom where a murder took place. Cost per night: from $285

What to do in Fall River, MA

  • Go on a ghost tour—Every night, the inn hosts a ghost tour, followed by a ghost hunt in which ghost hunters can travel into the basement and search for spirits. The tour lasts until midnight.
Pro Tip Add an authentic 1890s breakfast for $20. For an extra fee, you can have the same breakfast the Bordens had on the day of the murders—with a few adjustments for a modern palate!
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