Ford Paint Codes

You can find the paint code for your Ford on the door jamb label on the driver’s side of your vehicle.
Written by Brittni Brinn
Reviewed by Carrie Adkins
The paint code for your Ford is on the driver’s side door jamb label. If you can’t find it, you can also use your Ford’s VIN to look up the paint code online or through the dealership.
Well, it’s happened—you spotted a ding in the door of your new Ford. If you’re a do-it-yourself kind of person, you’re probably thinking you can fill in the scratch and no one will even notice! But how to make sure the paint color is an exact match?
That’s where paint codes come in. Here to tell you everything from the paint code’s location to the color code format is the
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Where can I find my Ford’s paint code?

You can find the paint code for your Ford on the driver’s side door jamb label. Under the barcode, you should be able to find EXT PNT followed by two characters. In some vehicles, the paint code will be indicated by three characters prefixed by “C/TR:” instead.
Once you have your paint code, you can use
this chart
to find the exact color of your Ford.

What if there’s no paint code on the car’s label?

If you have an older Ford, you may have to use the
vehicle identification number (VIN)
to look up the paint code. It should appear prominently as a string of 17 numbers and letters. 
Here’s where you can find the VIN for your Ford:
  • Most cars will have a sticker that lists the VIN on the driver’s side, either on the dash or on the door jamb. You may have to look through the windshield or open the door respectively to see the sticker. Older vehicles may have the car ID sticker under the hood.
  • If your sticker is missing or you’re having trouble reading it, the VIN should be on your car’s title document and registration.
You’ll have to use the VIN to look up the paint code, either online or by calling your car dealership.

Where can I get paint for my Ford?

Once you have the paint code, it’s time to order your paint! You can either order through
Ford’s website
or look for online and in-store options that offer car paint touch-up packages. As long as you have your paint code, your options are open!

Paint touch-up tips

It’s time—you got your paint and you’re ready to make those dents and dings disappear! Here are some tips for making your paint job easier:
  • Wash the damaged area with soap and water
  • If the area is rusty, use fine sandpaper or a wire brush to wear the rust away
  • Apply primer to any bare metal or plastic you want to paint and allow it to dry overnight. Once the area is dry, sand it gently to create an even surface.
  • Paint the area with the color matching the rest of the car. Apply several coats allowing 20 minutes at least between coats. Let the final layer dry overnight.
  • Add a clear protective coat using the same method as painting. Apply several layers, and allow to dry overnight.
  • After three days, buff the area with a rubbing compound to make it shine!
It’s worth noting that depending on the severity of the damage to your Ford’s paint job, you may be able to get away with buying a paint pen or smaller paint pack instead of a full can.

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The manufacturer has codes for every color of vehicle they make. You can find the paint code on your car’s label (usually on the driver’s side door jamb) or by looking it up online using the VIN for your Ford.
You can! Touch-ups are pretty easy to do yourself—you’ll need the paint code and will have to order the matching color to make sure your touch-up looks like it’s not even there. For full-body paint jobs, however, you may want to hire a professional.
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