Does the Play Set Come With a House When Sold?

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For kids, few things are better than the perfect play set in the backyard. If you’re buying or selling a house, though, what becomes of that play set? Does it stay with the house or move on with the owner? Here’s what you should know.

A play set is included in a sale if it’s attached to the ground

Whether or not a play set is included in a sale depends entirely on if it’s attached to the property. If it’s a serious play set, such as one made of wood, with numerous swings, and maybe even a tower or a tire swing, then it’s likely bolted to a deck, or perhaps mounted on the ground with concrete.
If that’s the case, then the play set is included in the sale of the home unless otherwise specified in the agreement between buyer and seller. Anything attached to the property is considered part of the house, and will be included in a sale.
In this case, trees are considered part of the property. All landscaping is included in the sale of the home, so if a play set is mounted to a tree, then it’s the same as if it’s attached to the ground. So, treehouse play sets, and play sets that simply are attached to trees, will be included in the sale.

A play set is not included in a sale if it is not attached to the ground

Some play sets, including most plastic ones, are not attached to the ground. If that’s the case, then it won’t be included in the sale of the house. Any item that isn’t attached to the property will not be included in the sale. So, no matter how nice the play set is, if it’s not attached, it’s not included.

Even if the play set is not included, it can be considerate to include it in the sale

Many people leave their play set when they sell a home, even if the play set isn’t attached to the property. Sometimes this is because they simply don’t want it anymore, and are leaving it for the next family that comes to the home. But often it’s because the play set fits the house well.
If you’ve bought a play set for your home, you’ve probably purchased the one that best fits the space. That play set might not fit the new space you’re moving to, so it can be kind to leave the perfect play set behind—assuming the new buyers want it.

What if you don’t want a play set that’s included?

If you’re buying a home that comes with an attached play set, and you don’t want it, you’re out of luck. If it’s part of the property, then it’s yours, and you’ll have to pay for it to be removed.

When in doubt, communicate with the buyer or seller

If you have any questions, it’s a smart idea to communicate with the person you’re buying the house from, or selling the house to. For example, what if you want to leave a detached play set behind for the next family, but they don’t want it? If it’s not attached, then it’s your responsibility, and you can’t just dump it on them. Take time to find out if they actually want the play set, or else you’ll be liable for getting it off the property.

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