Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Explosions?

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Though infrequent, the likelihood of experiencing an explosion within your home is higher than many homeowners realize. An explosion doesn’t have to be something as large and dramatic as a bomb being set off, but can include smaller things that many would not expect, such as burst water heaters or overheated boilers.
Homeowners insurance is a necessary protection against these types of emergencies. Here’s what you should know about being reimbursed by your insurance company for damages made by an explosion.

Does homeowners insurance cover explosions?

Though there are a wide variety of insurance plans and providers to choose from, most standard homeowners insurance policies provide some protection to your dwelling, the property itself, and the personal belongings within it from a list of 16 named perils.
Because explosions are one of the named perils, most insurance plans will provide homeowners with explosion coverage. Some commonly occurring household explosions are caused by boilers, furnaces, burst pipes, propane grills, aerosol cans, and gas leaks within the home.
However, some insurance providers have distinct definitions for what counts as an explosion and what will be considered an exclusion. For example, some providers will cover all damages incurred due to an explosion, no matter the cause, while others will cover damage caused directly by an explosion but not its aftermath (such as the damages caused by flooding that occurs as a result of a burst pipe).
Additionally, if there is fire after an explosion, your dwelling and personal property will be protected by your fire insurance policy as opposed to your explosion policy.
The language used in insurance contracts can be tricky, but it is essential that you understand your insurance policy to make sure you have a coverage plan that suits your specific needs. In the event of an explosion in your home, be sure to contact your local authorities and immediately begin documenting the experience by taking photos or videos to ensure that your home is properly protected and the damages that occur are handled appropriately.

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