Does Car Insurance Cover Graffiti?

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Whether your car is damaged in a car crash, by misjudging a parking spot, or by a tree falling on it, it’s just not any fun to go through the process of having a damaged car and getting it fixed. An especially aggravating form of car damage is graffiti.
It’s not common for a car to be vandalized by graffiti, but it’s not unheard of either. Whether it’s someone who dislikes you and wants to let you know it through illegal means, or just a misguided prankster causing damage, finding graffiti on your car is a massive bummer.
It goes without saying that if you have graffiti on your car then you’ll want to get it off. However, that process costs money. Does car insurance cover graffiti damage? Read on to find out.

Does car insurance cover graffiti?

It depends entirely on what type of car insurance you have. In order to have the graffiti damage covered by your insurance, then you need a comprehensive insurance plan.
Comprehensive insurance is an optional form of coverage. It’s not legally required, so not all drivers have it. However, many lending companies and financiers won’t help people buy or lease a car unless they prove to have comprehensive insurance, so many people do carry this form of coverage.
The purpose of comprehensive insurance is to cover you when something happens to you other than a car accident. Essentially, any damage sustained by your car that wasn’t from a crash, or wasn’t caused by your own negligence or poor decision-making, is covered by comprehensive insurance. It could be a branch falling off a tree, or a rogue golf ball from someone’s yard, or a squirrel dropping a pinecone. Vandalism is included in comprehensive insurance, whether it’s someone smashing in your car with a baseball bat, keying it, throwing eggs at it, or tagging it with graffiti.
If you do not have comprehensive insurance, then your car will not be covered in the event of graffiti. But if you do, then you’re all good.

Should you file a claim if someone has put graffiti on your car?

Whenever you’re considering filing a car insurance claim, you should consider the cost of the repair. If the cost of the repair is less than your deductible, then your car insurance company won’t actually help you with the cost (unless you’ve already met your deductible). However, filing a claim is a surefire way to raise your car insurance premiums.
So, before filing a claim for graffiti on your car, get a quote to see how much it would cost to repair it. If that cost is less than your deductible, it’s worth considering getting it fixed without going through your insurer.

How to keep your car from being vandalized

It’s never your fault if your car is vandalized. However, there are some things you can do to limit the odds of it happening. The best thing you can do is put a car cover over your car when it’s parked, especially for long periods.
This won’t stop all vandals, because they can always take the car cover off. But a car cover makes the prank take a lot longer, since the vandals have to get the cover off. That increases their odds of getting caught.
Thankfully it’s unlikely that you’ll ever get graffiti on your car. But if you do, you have options.

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