Do Parking Tickets Increase Insurance Rates?

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In most cases, parking tickets will not impact your insurance rates. However, if you don’t pay an outstanding parking ticket and it is sent to collections, it could harm your credit score—which could impact your insurance rates. 
Although parking tickets don’t go on your record, it doesn’t mean they won’t catch up with you (and your wallet) eventually.  
That’s why the car insurance super app Jerry has compiled everything you need to know about why you should pay those parking tickets on time (and what happens if you don’t).

Can parking tickets increase insurance rates?

In most cases, no. If it’s your first or second time, your rate will usually not be affected. However, unpaid parking tickets get sent to collections, which could affect your credit-based insurance rate, depending on your state.
Some states prohibit the use of credit scores to calculate insurance rates. If you live in one of the following states, your insurance will not be impacted by a change in your credit score: 
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How to make sure parking tickets don’t impact your insurance

If you live in a state that permits insurance companies to factor credit into calculating rates,the best way to make sure that those pesky parking tickets don’t catch up to you is to pay them off as soon as possible. 
If you wait, you run the risk of accruing late fees or, worse, possibly getting your car impounded.
Here are some other steps you can take to make sure that parking ticket you found tucked under your windshield wiper (after your yoga class went just 10-minutes over) doesn’t impact your insurance. 
  • If you can’t afford to pay the ticket right away, Contact your municipality to discuss possible options, such as coming up with a payment plan. Depending on the city, you might be able to get late fees frozen until you’re able to pay off your fines.
  • If you feel that your ticket was unjustified, you can always appeal the ticket by submitting supporting evidence that supports your claim.  Make sure to include a copy of your ticket with your appeal, which you can do in person, online, or by mail. Depending on the municipality, it can take a few days or months to hear back on an appeal decision.

Do parking tickets go on your driving record?

No, parking tickets don’t go on your driving record. However, if you do not pay the ticket on time or communicate with your local municipality, it may go to collections and negatively impact your credit score.

What are the consequences of a parking ticket?

While parking tickets don’t affect auto insurance rates, ignoring them can lead to more considerable consequences, including:

A boot on your tire

Depending on the municipality, some may place a boot on your car’s tire to disable it until the ticket is paid
Along with paying the ticket, you are also responsible for paying to remove the boot, which can add another charge to the ticket. In Nassau County, NY, for example, it can cost up to $341 just to remove it.

Late fees

Late fees on unpaid parking tickets can add up. If you fail to pay or communicate with your local municipality on time, you may have to pay additional late fees on top of your original ticket. Some areas have limits on how much municipalities can charge, but you may not want to risk accruing additional charges on top of your violation.

Getting towed

If your car ends up getting towed and impounded for a significant number of parking tickets, be prepared to pay a lump sum of money to get it back. In New York, you are required to pay not only the boot fee of $136, but if your car gets towed and impounded, you are required to pay at least $356 on top of any additional fees and judgment amounts.

How to appeal a parking ticket

If you think the parking ticket is incorrect or just out of sheer misunderstanding—after all, traffic police officers are people, and they do make mistakes—be sure to file an appeal up to 30 days after the parking ticket was drafted. 
In most states, like New York, you can go on the DMV’s website and file an appeal online, through the phone or mail, where you’ll be able to schedule a hearing—either in person or virtually—where you can learn on the spot or in a few days the outcome.
Key Takeaway: You can always appeal a ticket, just be sure to provide the right information and make sure to check your municipality’s appeal deadlines.
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Lucky for you, parking tickets do not go on your driving record as many states, such as New York, see them as non-moving violations. In other words, this could be your first or 100th parking ticket, and your insurance rate will not go up based on a parking ticket. Just be mindful to pay it on time or come to an agreement with your local municipality, or else it could be sent to collections, ultimately affecting your credit-based insurance rates.
Nope!--Unless you have an outstanding balance, then you might be subject to local DMV late fees, and you might run the risk of having your vehicle registration suspended and or barred from renewing your license, so be sure to square away those tickets!

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