Classic Car Insurance in Georgia

In Georgia, classic car insurance must include liability coverage, but most drivers add other coverage options to keep their cars fully protected.
Written by Jessica Gibson
Edited by Amy Bobinger
, cars are usually considered classic cars if they’re over 25 years old. You can get customized coverage and save money on your vintage model by purchasing
classic car insurance
instead of a standard auto insurance policy.
  • Georgia defines classic cars as vehicles that are at least 25 years old. 
  • Classic car insurance typically costs less than standard insurance and offers specialized coverage that protects the value of your vehicle.
  • Hagerty, Safeco, and GEICO are just a few of the insurance agencies that offer classic car coverage in Georgia.

Georgia classic car insurance requirements

Classic cars need more protection than your everyday commute-to-work car. You probably don’t drive your classic car as often, and replacement parts can be difficult to find. Additionally, it’s most likely more expensive than your average vehicle.
In Georgia, your vehicle would be considered a classic if it’s at least 25 model years old. Your specific insurance company may have additional eligibility requirements.
You need to register your classic car with the local county tag office, and you will be eligible to register for an authentic historical license plate from the Georgia Department of Revenue if your car was produced before 1990.
Additionally, you need a title on your car if it was built after 1962.
In Georgia, the minimum coverage required for a classic car is as follows:

The best classic car insurance in Georgia

No serious infractions in last three years
Driver maintains personal regular-use insurance 
Collector vehicle must be stored properly in enclosed structures 
Classic car is not used for daily driving or touring
Must be limited production car less than 10 years old for modern classic
Antique cars have to be 25 years old with no modifications
Must be limited use
Classic car is used on limited basis
Car is restored, maintained, or preserved
Stored in enclosed building
Poor driving record ok
Vehicle must be 25 model years or older
Can be a new exotic car, or new replica
Classic military vehicle
Can only be used for exhibitions, clubs, or occasional pleasure driving
Must be stored in secure and closed in facility
Not a daily use vehicle (business, personal, or commercial)
Not driven off-road
Not used for racing of any kind

Coverage options for classic car insurance

Your insurance coverage on your classic car will depend on your specific make and model, as well as the protection you’d like to have.
Here are some common coverages for classic cars:
Covers damage that isn’t the result of a collision, such as from severe weather, theft, or vandalism.
Covers damages resulting from an accident with another vehicle or stationary object.
Covers damages if you’re involved in an accident and the other driver doesn’t have car insurance.
Agreed value coverage
If you’re in a covered accident and your classic car is a total loss, you’ll receive the full agreed-upon value (minus your deductible), so you don’t have to worry about depreciation rates.
Flexible mileage
Allows you to customize your policy based on how often you drive your classic car.
Coverage for tire changes, towing, and other unexpected expenses that aren’t part of a typical policy.
Spare parts
Covers the cost of fixing or replacing classic spare parts—even ones that are expensive or hard to find.

What impacts the cost of classic car insurance in Georgia?

Classic car insurance is usually less expensive than your typical auto insurance policy, although the types of coverage you choose will make a big difference in determining your overall cost.
Some other factors that will impact the rates on your classic car insurance are:
  • Model year
  • Stated or guaranteed value (higher values usually correlate to higher insurance prices) 
  • Mileage (higher mileage usually correlates to higher insurance prices)
  • Customization
  • Your driving record

Benefits of classic car insurance

Classic or antique cars usually need more protection than a standard car insurance policy can provide in the event that your car gets damaged or stolen.
If your car has a higher value than its original selling price, it might be considered a collectible car, and it might qualify for specialized classic car insurance as a result.
Some of the benefits of investing in classic car insurance are:
  • Your rates tend to be 40% to 70% lower than regular car insurance
  • You can get higher coverage limits
  • Your deductible options will be flexible
  • Your claims will be handled by car enthusiasts
  • You can get discounts on certain car club memberships

Do I need classic car insurance?

If you have any of the following, you likely need specialty coverage:
  • Antique & classic cars
  • Vintage boats
  • Modern collector vehicles
  • Modified vehicles
  • Classic trucks and utility vehicles
  • Motorsports vehicles
  • Vintage motorcycles and scooters
  • Retired commercial vehicles
  • Collector trailers
  • Vehicles under construction
  • Classic military vehicles
  • Antique tractors

What is classic car insurance?

Classic car insurance will give you a lot of the same coverages that are available on a regular auto insurance policy, but this protection is specifically geared toward classic or antique cars.

What is a classic or antique car?

Classic and antique cars are generally considered older cars that have some kind of historical interest.
In the insurance world, the age of the car usually determines the difference between a classic car and an antique:
  • A classic car is typically defined as being between 10 and 24 years old 
  • An antique car is typically defined as being at least 25 years old 

Are classic cars cheaper to insure?

Classic car insurance is usually less expensive than regular car insurance and offers flexible usage options for your specific make and model. Because each car is unique, there is no set rate for your insurance premiums. The car’s value will be negotiated with the insurer. 
Many classic car insurance policies also have specific requirements for classic vehicles or antique cars that they cover, like: 
  • The car must be stored in a secure location
  • The car cannot be frequently driven 
  • The car must be preserved in its original condition or be actively undergoing restoration
  • The driver must be at least 25 years old and have five to ten years of driving experience
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Take the authentic historical license plate and completed form T-224 Affidavit of Ownership to your local county tag office. There, they’ll issue a current license plate and registration.
Collector cars or vintage cars are notoriously underinsured for damage if you go with standard car insurance because insurance agencies assume the car’s value will go down as it ages. This is why it’s important to go with collector car insurance since it properly values the vehicle.
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