Can I Buy A Car Without Insurance?

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While you can theoretically buy a car without insurance, most car dealerships won’t allow you to leave the lot until you have adequate insurance for your vehicle—especially if it’s financed.
Once you’ve signed the contracts, you might think you’re set to head on out and hit the road. But for financial and legal protection, you must have at least the minimum liability coverage required in your state.
Whether you’re buying privately or from a dealer, getting your insurance coverage in order before you finalize the sale is always a good idea. To help you with that, the car insurance comparison and broker app Jerry has put compiled tips to make sure that your car purchasing goes smoothly—so you can hit the road with no hitch.

Is it possible to buy a car without insurance?

Technically yes—however, to legally drive the car out of the dealership or parking lot, you need auto insurance that meets (but ideally exceeds) your state’s minimum amount of liability coverage. 
If you’re buying from a dealer, you probably won’t receive your keys until you have proof of insurance.
Key Takeaway You don’t need insurance to buy a car, but you need insurance to drive it legally.

Do I need a new policy?

If you already have an auto insurance policy, you may be able to quickly and easily add coverage for your new vehicle. Most companies will extend your coverage between 7 and 30 days to cover your new car. Check in with your insurance company to find out how you should move forward.
If you don’t have an existing car insurance policy, you will need to purchase a new one. Compare rates between at least 3 to 5 providers to find the best deal—or use a super app like Jerry to quickly find the best quotes, finalize a new policy, and be confident that you’re always getting the best price available to you.
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Do I need proof of insurance when buying a used car?

Whether you need proof of insurance for a used car depends on who you’re buying from.
  • If you’re buying a used car from a dealer, you must provide proof of insurance before driving off with your new vehicle. 
  • If you are buying from a private seller, they won’t check on your insurance status before handing over the keys.
Even if it’s not required to buy a vehicle, having proof of insurance before driving it gives you financial and legal protection. Failing to secure the right coverage could leave you open to serious penalties and liability if you get caught.

Should I buy more insurance than the state minimum?

Yes! It’s always good to have a full-coverage insurance plan to ensure that all your bases of your newest purchase are covered. The minimum requirement only covers liabilities and, in some instances, uninsured drivers. 
Key Takeaway While minimum insurance covers damages for other drivers, you’ll need full coverage to pay for damage to your vehicle.

What kind of coverage do you need when you’re financing a car?

Most lenders require that you carry full-coverage insurance for the duration of your financing agreement. This usually includes the following: 
  • Collision coverage, which pays for damage to your vehicle that is the result of a collision with a vehicle or stationary object
  • Comprehensive insurance, which will help cover theft and damages to your vehicle. Trust us, you’ll be glad to have it.

How to find cheap car insurance

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Technically no—you don’t need insurance to buy the car. To legally drive it out of the dealership or parking lot, though, you must present proof of insurance with the minimum legal liability coverage required in your state.
The best way to reach them is to call them directly or check their website. Most companies have an online server where you can fill in the information and get coverage right on the spot using a computer or mobile app.

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