Cadillac CTS Oil Change

You’ll need a Cadillac CTS oil change every 3,000 to 7,500 miles using dexos-certified synthetic oil.
Written by Rachel Rigolino
Reviewed by Carrie Adkins
A Cadillac CTS is a luxury vehicle that requires dexos-certified synthetic oil. You’ll need to change the oil and filter every 3,000+ miles. When the Oil Life display reads “change engine oil soon,” change the oil and filter within the next 1,000 miles. 
Think of motor oil as the lifeblood of your car. Without oil, the engine would seize and stop running. Over time, oil loses its viscosity, meaning it can’t lubricate engine parts effectively. To protect your Cadillac’s engine, regularly change both your car’s oil and oil filter. 
To help you figure out when and what to do, the
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has compiled everything you need to know about the basics of changing the oil and filter in a Cadillac CTS.

How often does a Cadillac CTS need an oil change?

The rule used to be to change your oil every 3,000 miles—and many Cadillac experts still use this mileage. But with synthetic oils, you may not need a change until you hit about 7,500 miles
Your Cadillac CTS’s Oil Life display is calibrated to factor in your typical driving patterns. When your display reads CHANGE ENGINE OIL SOON, change both the oil and filter within the next 1,000 miles.
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What kind of oil does a Cadillac CTS need?

The Cadillac CTS is a luxury car that comes in various models and oil grades vary based on your engine’s needs. Common grades are 5W-30 and 0W-30. Because it’s crucial to use the correct grade of oil for a specific Cadillac CTS model, consult your owner’s manual to determine the grade you need.
Cadillac recommends using only dexos-certified synthetic motor oil. Dexos is not a brand. It is a designation given to a special synthetic motor oil designed for Cadillacs and other GM vehicles. 

How much does an oil change cost for a Cadillac CTS?

Costs vary depending on whether you DIY or take your car to a mechanic. The type of oil you use will also dictate the cost. 

Professional cost

The cost of a professional oil and filter change for your Cadillac CTS may range from $139 to $149. Keep in mind that most service outlets and car dealerships also throw in an inspection of key components plus items such as filling and rotating your tires, topping up your power steering fluids, and performing other basic maintenance.

DIY cost

If you’re a Cadillac CTS owner, you can save some money by learning how to change your own oil and filter. A quart of SAE 5W-30 costs about $10, but you can find 5 quarts for between $25 and $40. You’ll also need to buy a filter ($10-15).

How to change the oil in a Cadillac CTS yourself

Always consult your owner’s manual for specific information about your vehicle. Here are the basics for a Cadillac CTS oil change.

What you’ll need:

  • Dexos-certified motor oil (5 to 6 quarts—typically SAE 5W-30 or OW-30)
  • Cadillac CTS oil filter 
  • Cadillac CTS oil filter wrench
  • 13 mm-15 mm closed-ended wrench (size varies according to year and model)
  • Torque wrench
  • Car jack
  • Jack stands 
  • Drain pan
  • Plastic container to dispose of old oil
  • Wheel chocks (recommended)
  • Disposable gloves and protective eye gear (recommended)

1. Warm up the engine

If the weather is cold, start your engine and let it run to thin out and help the oil flow better. Make sure to park your Cadillac CTS in a level area. Then turn off the engine once the engine is warmed up. 

2. Secure the car

Jack up your car and use
jack stands
to secure it in place. Use wheel chocks for added stability.

3. Drain the old oil 

Open your car’s hood and unscrew the oil fill cap. Get underneath the car and unscrew the drain plug with the closed-ended wrench. Let the oil drain into your drain pan for at least 15 minutes. 
Install a new washer in your drain plug to prevent leaks. Then, be sure to reinstall and tighten the oil drain plug. 

4. Remove the old filter

The CTS’s oil filter is on top of the engine. Remove the old filter and old o-ring with the oil filter wrench. Check that the filter gasket isn’t stuck to the engine’s surface.

5. Install the new oil filter

Wipe away any dirt from the engine block before installing the new filter. Install both the new filter and O-ring. Rub oil around the O-ring’s rubber seal (top and bottom). 
Be sure to securely screw the top of the oil filter housing back on. Then torque it down with the torque wrench.

6. Put new oil in the engine and check for leaks

Pour 5-6 quarts into the oil fill opening. Then screw the oil fill cap back on, making sure that it’s screwed in tightly. Check for leaks from the drain bolt and oil filter while you run the engine for a few minutes.

7. Stop the engine and check the oil level

After running the engine for a few minutes, stop and wait for 3 minutes. Use the dipstick to check the oil level and add more if necessary.

8. Reset the oil change reminder

The Oil Life display must be reset after each oil change—it will not reset itself. Use your car’s display to reset the oil change reminder.

9. Dispose of the old oil according to regulations

Never dump old oil onto the ground or put it into a garbage can as this can harm the environment. In most states, retailers that sell motor oil or perform oil changes are required to take your old oil. 

What happens if you don’t change the oil in a Cadillac CTS?

If the oil in your Cadillac CTS loses its ability to lubricate engine parts, serious problems—including total engine failure—can result. 
Consider oil changes as preventative maintenance. Yes, they cost money, but they can prevent expensive problems down the road. 

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