Bugatti Puts Last Year's Bolide Concept Car Into Production

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Bugatti first revealed its concept car, the Bolide, in December of last year. It generated a great deal of intrigue and interest from collectors and enthusiasts alike. The hypercar generates colorful visions of super-speed experiences for the brand’s rich and famous clientele.
Now, Bugatti is introducing the Bolide as a track-only rendition of last year’s debut model. The $4.8 million Bugatti racecar is likely to be the last gas-powered supercar it produces.
A blue Bugatti Bolide.
The Bugatti Bolide.

What is the original concept of Bugatti’s Bolide supercar?

The Bugatti Bolide’s core model takes speed and opulence to a whole new level. The word “bolide” is French slang for fireball, and the automaker made sure it lived up to its name. The aero-sculpted concept car runs on 110-octane race fuel and is touted as being able to produce up to an impressive 1825 horsepower, according to Car and Driver.
The experimental design vehicle is as hardcore as any race-inspired mega-car can get. The Bugatti Bolide is sometimes compared to the Chiron because of its W16 engine capabilities. But the Bolide’s extremely lightweight body weighs in at only half of what the Chiron weighs. And despite the Chiron Super Sport’s out-of-this-world horsepower, its top speed pales in comparison.
The Bugatti Bolide boasts all the signature touches the French brand is known for. The horseshoe grille on the front matches Bugatti’s standard and well-recognized grille. The Bolide offers two exterior paint colors (black and blue) just like the colors found on the Chiron and Veyron. The massive vents stay true to the sleek aerodynamic design.

How will the new Bolide production car differ from the original?

Bugatti’s original Bolide concept car introduced last year was fully functional. So how will the new production version differ from its mighty prototype? It seems certain that no matter what the changes are, the power of its awesome engine will remain the same.
At The Quail Motorsport Gathering this year, Bugatti announced its plans to produce 40 Bolides for its paying customers. The new model will apparently look almost the same as the concept car on the outside, though the details have not yet been released.
Bugatti’s Bolide experiment was all about working with the legendary W16 engine it already uses without limitations in design. The production Bolide will be restricted to 1578 horsepower. Bugatti has stated it is working with the FIA to ensure all safety standards are met.

Is the production Bugatti Bolide worth the cost?

There is something about the edginess of outrageously fast cars that appeals to those who dream of speed without restraint. The Bugatti Bolide delivers even though it is strictly a track car never to be seen on a street near you. Owning a supercar is a dream seldom realized by most.
The Bolide’s hefty $4.8 million price tag won’t be a barrier to the megacar’s potential buyers. Bugatti plans to offer the 40 buyers the opportunity to gather for exclusive track days. There they can truly experience the ride before adding it to their collections.
Is the new Bugatti Bolide worth the cost? It may seem like a lot of money for a car you won’t be driving on the public roads. But for the fortunate few, the Bugatti Bolide is a work of art that may be well worth the investment.

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