The 5 Best Road Trip Games to Keep Kids Entertained

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Road trip games for kids (Photo: @musiena via Twenty20)
Going on a road trip can be an exciting adventure. But if you’ve got kids, boredom can set in quickly for your little ones while on a long stretch of road. Fortunately, you have some fun options to help entertain your kids while in the car on a long road trip.
Like all of the best family board games, these five easy-to-play road trip games will keep the kids entertained (and maybe even enjoying the scenery) without the need for extra screen time.

1. Singalong

Singalong is a super fun game that has a few ways to play. In the first version, one person starts singing the lyrics of a song. Then everyone else in the car has to guess the song and finish the lyrics. This continues until nobody knows the lyrics.
In the second version of this game, one person starts by singing the line of a song. The turn then moves to the next person, who sings the line of another song. And while there are no true winners to this game, it provides a fun and easy way to pass the time.

2. Storytime

Similar to the Singalong game, one person starts by telling a story, saying just one sentence. The next person continues the story with sentence of their own. The goal is to create a fun and interesting collaborative story that allows everyone to share their creativity.
You can either set a time limit to the story of 15 minutes or allow each person to add three sentences to the story, wrapping the story up after everyone has finished adding their allotted sentences to the story.

3. The License Plate Game

A favorite road-trip game is the License Plate Game. With this game, the goal is to call out license plates from passing cars as you travel down the road, with the ultimate goal of collecting one from each state. One variation of this game is to find letters and numbers on the license plates, finding numbers 0 through 9 and letters A through Z, in order. You can also apply this game to road signs that are passed, looking for number and letters.

4. Name the Most

In this game, one passenger names a category, and then the remaining players have to say how many items in that category they can name. Eventually, once one player feels like they can’t outdo the previous person’s total, they challenge them to “Name them!”
The person then has to name the number items he wagered, usually within a specific time lime, such as five seconds per response. If they complete the task and name the number of items they wagered, they receive that many points. Otherwise, no one receives any points.
Some ideas for categories include:
  • Names of stars in the galaxy (Sol, Orion, Betelgeuse, etc.)
  • U.S. presidents
  • 50 States
  • Star Wars characters from a particular movie in the franchise
  • Names of athletes on the roster of a favorite sports team

5. I Spy

I Spy is another great game that you and your kids can enjoy on a road trip. In I Spy, one person starts by saying, “I spy with my little eye, something … blue (or some other “thing”). Everyone else in the car must then try and guess what it is that the person is talking about. Another variation of this game is to name something that starts with a specific letter of the alphabet.
The ultimate goal of these road trip games is to keep the kids occupied and make long hours riding in the car more bearable. As long as everyone is having fun, the games can continue until you reach your hotel or vacation rental.