Road Trip Destinations For Alien and UFO Hunters

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Otherworldly spaceships crash-landing near Roswell, New Mexico, little green men scaring the daylights out of a Kentucky family, rumors of what actually goes on in Nevada’s Area 51. In case you hadn’t noticed, this country has a bit of a history when it comes to unidentified flying objects (UFOs), aliens, and other hard-to-explain phenomena.
And while UFOs and aliens might not capture the collective imagination like they used to during the Cold War (we’ve got…other problems now), there are plenty of fascinating places to visit if you’re hankering for some not-of-this-planet excitement.
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Now, without further ado, here are the best alien and UFO-themed road trip destinations in the United States. Engage!
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The Barney and Betty Hill Story, Lincoln, NH

Travel to New Hampshire to see the only government-sanctioned plaque commemorating an alien abduction.
In 2011, The State of New Hampshire erected the plaque on a stretch of highway near Lincoln, to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the alien abduction involving Barney and Betty Hill.
You see, back in 1961, the Hills were driving home from Canada when they claimed they saw an object—shaped like a cigar—zipping through the sky.
They pulled over, Barney whipped out his binoculars, and claimed to see windows on the craft, with figures that resembled people inside it.
Once the Hills returned home, things got weirder. Barney noticed strange scuff marks on his shoes, and Betty noticed her dress was ripped and stained. Both of their watches no longer worked, and there was a lost two-hour block of time that neither of them could explain.
Just a bad night out? Perhaps. But Betty began to experience terrible nightmares. Both she and Barney ended up in rigorous hypnotherapy where the couple claimed to remember being forced onto a strange ship, and then being poked and prodded by strange, bald-headed beings.
Sixty years later and the Hills’ encounter still hasn’t been debunked.
A cartoon of two people being abducted by a flying saucer
The Betty and Barney Hill Story

UFO Watchtower, Hooper, CO

The San Luis Valley in Colorado is notorious for strange UFO sightings going back decades. The sightings became frequent enough that, back in 2000, one area resident built a UFO Watchtower, where UFO geeks as well curious onlookers can get a 360° view of the night sky from the structure.
Even if you don’t spot a Martian spacecraft whipping over your head, you’ll still be able to enjoy a breathtaking night sky and the signature quirk of this worthwhile roadside attraction.

Extra(terrestrial) tips

  • Admission is $2 per person or $5 per car. Camping is also permitted for $15 a night.
  • Don’t forget your telescope!

Annual Bigfoot Festival, Dayton, PA

If you’re into aliens, UFOs, and Bigfoot, head to Dayton, Pennsylvania where you can attend the Bigfoot BBQ UFO Festival, occurring every June.
Along with UFOs, this festival is centered around all things Bigfoot, an allegedly muscular, ape-like creature standing anywhere from 6 to 15 feet tall. There have been thousands of alleged sightings of Bigfoot, dating back hundreds of years, in forests across North America.
While most mainstream scientists discount Bigfoot as a mix of hoax, erroneous identification, and pop culture, that doesn’t stop enthusiasts converging on a Pennsylvania campground each year to discuss cryptozoology and UFOs while chowing down on baby back ribs.
Granted, if you’re only into hominids (to each their own), you might bristle at having to share an event with UFO aficionados. Just keep your eyes peeled to ensure that no pair of very hairy arms emerge from the woods and turn you into a flying object. You’ve been warned.
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A Flying Saucer or a Weather Balloon? Roswell, NM

If you’re planning a UFO/alien-themed road trip, we’re going to assume you’ve heard of Roswell, New Mexico, where, in June, 1947 the U.S. military claimed to have found a flying saucer from a different planet.
Roswell has since become ground-zero for alien and extraterrestrial happenings—and a priority stop for UFO and alien-hunting road trippers.
The military did change its tune soon after recovering the vehicle, claiming that it was actually… a weather balloon. We’re certain that must have made for a not-at-all-awkward press conference.
No matter the true origin of what was recovered on a New Mexico ranch back in 1947, Roswell owns its unique place in American history with gusto.

Extra(terrestrial) tips

  • Be sure to check out the International UFO Museum and Research Center, which catalogs the 1947 incident as well as others.
  • If you time your road trip for July, you’ll be able to catch the Roswell UFO Festival, which features a parade and public talks by well-known UF-ologists.
  • Roswell has lots more to offer. The Anderson Museum of Contemporary Art features modern art by artists who’ve participated in the Roswell-Artist-In-Residence Program, while the Roswell Museum and Art Center features—fittingly, for this region—a planetarium.
A cartoon of a flying saucer crashed into the ground. A car sits nearby.
Roswell, NM

Dumping Aliens Down a Well, Aurora, TX

Visit Aurora, Texas to visit the scene of one of America’s most famous supposed extraterrestrial happenings. In April 1897, residents of Aurora, Texas were jolted by a cigar-shaped spacecraft crashing into a local judge’s windmill.
Considering only birds could fly back in the 1890s, anything else flying must have been a shock to this Texas town.
If a flying object wasn’t shocking enough, observers claimed that a humanoid pilot (that apparently was definitely not human) was recovered from the scene and buried in a local cemetery.
What became of the pilot’s cigar-shaped spacecraft? Considering the National Transportation Safety Board didn’t exist in 1897, the ship in question was investigated and stored the 19th century way—by being dumped down a well.
Today, a plaque at Aurora’s cemetery details the UFO incident, and the town’s official logo includes a UFO in it. We guess that means that the story is totally true…right?

Marfa Lights, Marfa, TX

Strange happenings in the night sky above the artsy desert town of Marfa, Texas have been reported for more than a hundred years now.
No one has offered a convincing explanation of what’s going on up there, but the dancing balls of white light have inspired plenty of chatter.
Some suspect that the light’s quick movements—merging together, breaking apart, disappearing, scooting around, etc.—point to the existence of aliens or UFOs. Others favor more benign explanations, such as far-off car headlights being reflected skywards.
Whatever the true explanation, visit the Marfa Lights Viewing Center along U.S. 90, a great spot to relax and be mesmerized by the dancing lights above.

Extra(terrestrial) tips

  • Also be sure to check out Marfa’s burgeoning arts scene, featuring modern art installations, public theatre, live music, and more!
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Little Green Men, Hopkinsville, KY

You won’t want to pass up a trip through Hopkinsville, Kentucky (about an hour northwest of Nashville), in order to visit the place where the idea of little green men entered the public imagination.
The story goes that on August 21, 1955, a frantic family appeared at the police station in Hopkinsville, exhausted from fighting off an hours-long “attack” at their home by pint-sized green aliens.
The invaders apparently had pointy ears, gangly arms, claws, and stood roughly two feet tall. The family claimed to have shot at the aliens, but said that when hit, the lil’ green guys would pop back up again, or float ghost-like down from their perch in the trees.
Naturally, the police were…curious. They went to check out the home but found nothing, except for lots of bullet holes. The family in question claimed the aliens returned again that same night, but no evidence has emerged to verify the claims of bullet-resistant little green men.
So what explains the strange incidents around Hopkinsville? Perhaps the family mistook owls as aliens? No one knows for sure.

Extra(terrestrial) tips

  • The area celebrates its alien encounter history every August at the Kelly Little Green Men Festival.
  • Hopkinsville is also home to Casey Jones Distillery (which is also well worth a visit).
A cartoon of green aliens peeking out at a passing car.
Little Green Men

Area 51/ Extraterrestrial Highway, Rachel, NV

Area 51 lies about 80 miles north of Las Vegas and, maybe you’ve heard, there’s been a wee bit of controversy surrounding it.
Is it a top-secret military base, or a heavily guarded research center where alien spacecraft are investigated while the aliens themselves kick back and sip lemonade?
No one—including our friends in the United States Government—is willing to say. In fact, the CIA didn’t acknowledge Area 51’s existence until 2013, and that was only because a citizen had the audacity to file a Freedom of Information Act request.
If you plan on cruising through the Nevada desert in search of Area 51, here’s some travel advice for you—do not do this. Get close enough to this highly-sensitive military area and you’ll be greeted by some very vigilant military personnel.
Instead, make your way to nearby Rachel via Nevada State Route 375, dubbed by the state as the Extraterrestrial Highway. You’ll find alien- and UFO-themed businesses and restaurants, such as the Alien Research Center, and pass by the Nevada Test and Training Range, where U.S. scientists tested nuclear weapons from 1955 through to 1992.
Stick around at night for spectacular night stargazing in the Nevada desert. Who knows what you’ll see.
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