Are You Brave Enough for the Most Haunted Places in Arizona?

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Any haunted town in Arizona could reveal a greedy undead gold miner or unlucky pioneer who likes to cause mischief. Arizona is packed with Wild West history and the desert is a trippy place!
These haunted destinations are fun to explore year-round, not just around Halloween. The haunted places in Arizona listed here include outdoor excursions (like abandoned mines) and indoor adventures (like the ghost-infested Copper Queen Hotel).
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Grab your snacks and let’s head off on this Arizona haunted road trip!

Key trip details

Arizona road trip map
Kingman to Phoenix, AZ
Total distance: 805 miles
Total drive time: 13 hours 57 minutes
Suggested trip length: 5 to 7 days
Whether you have a few hours or a few days to devote to your haunted road trip in Arizona, you’ll find plenty of scare-worthy destinations. This trip starts in the western part of the state before moving southeast and circling back up to Phoenix. You can do them as single-destination road trips or combine them to make a longer haunted road trip!

Haunted Arizona itinerary

  • Kingman—1 day
  • Flagstaff—1 to 2 days
  • Jerome—1 day
  • Prescott—1 day
  • Lost Dutchman State Park—1 day
  • Bisbee—One half to 1 day
  • Tombstone—1 day
  • Tucson—1 day
  • Phoenix

Kingman, Arizona

Scenic Kingman freeway on a ominous and cloudy day
Kingman, Arizona
Kingman is an hour-and-a-half from Las Vegas and two hours from the Mojave Desert. If you’re prepared to hike in desert canyons—and you’re not put off by the screaming ghost of a tortured woman—then Luana’s Canyon might work for you. (It’s not a ringing endorsement, we know).

Why you should go to Kingman

Why pay for a haunted house when you could visit the real thing? Luana’s Canyon (also known as Slaughterhouse Canyon) is a gorgeous and unassuming area of natural beauty. But the spine-chilling legend of Luana and her poor children is enough to make your hair stand on end for days, even if you can’t hear their screams in the wind.
Here’s the legend: In the 1800s, a miner and his wife, Luana, lived in a wooden shack at the opening of the canyon. The man would leave for weeks at a time to mine for gold and then return with food for his family.
When he didn’t return, the family began to starve. Confronted with her slowly dying kids, Luana chopped up her children and tossed them into the river. Visiting hikers—and all the locals—have reported Luana’s remorseful screams echoing in the canyon.

What to do in Kingman

  • Hike Luana’s Canyon—Your hike begins just 10 minutes from downtown Kingman. Before you hit the canyon, be sure you have plenty of food, water, and trusted navigational tools. Out in the canyon, it’s easy to mistake the cow trails from human trails so tread very carefully.
Pro Tip There are several campgrounds near Kingman if you’re looking to stay the night in the desert.
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Flagstaff, AZ

148 miles, 2 hours 17 minutes from Kingman
Not far from the Grand Canyon, Flagstaff is a popular destination for hikers and tourists. But the city is also brimming with ghosts! It’s also only two hours from Phoenix and four hours from Tucson, so Flagstaff is a great overnight destination for a memorable (and haunted) road trip on its own.
If you’re continuing to Flagstaff from Kingman, take I-40 E to AZ-89 and Historic Route 66.

Why you should go to Flagstaff

If you’re a bit of a wimp, this is a good stop for you. Flagstaff has a ton of interesting history and lots of fun (read: not terrifying) seasonal Halloween activities. Think harvest festivals and self-guided tours of alleyways downtown.
Plus, in Flagstaff you can enjoy incredible hikes and great restaurants alongside your spooky adventures.

What to do in Flagstaff

Daytime on the streets of Flagstaff outside the haunted Orpheum Theater
Orpheum Theater, Flagstaff, Arizona
  • Self-guided haunted tour—Go on a city-approved self-guided tour of downtown Flagstaff. Do it in the daylight if you’re scared! Learn about the library’s resident ghoul and walk by the railroad station and listen for the brakeman’s ghost.
  • Riordan Mansion—After you finish your tour of downtown, continue to Riordan Mansion for a guided ghost tour of the gorgeous 1904 estate.
  • Orpheum Theater—Visit the nearby Orpheum Theatre and see if you can spot the spirit that staffers swear haunts the balcony.
  • Doris Harper-White Playhouse—Treat yourself to a show at this historic playhouse. It’s also said to be haunted, but it’s easy to forget when the onstage performers are so good.

Where to eat and drink in Flagstaff

Where to stay in Flagstaff

  • Weatherford Hotel—The Weatherford Hotel is one of the most iconic spots in Flagstaff. The hotel combines updated amenities with historic charm for a comfortable stay in the center of downtown—just avoid the fourth floor. Cost per night: from $125

Jerome, Arizona

37.4 miles, 55 minutes from Flagstaff
Situated between Flagstaff and Phoenix is the unusual town of Jerome. Nestled in the foothills of Woodchute Mountain, Jerome is a haunted town in Arizona that will not disappoint.
Take the exit for county road 30 off I-17 to get here from Flagstaff .

Why you should go to Jerome

Proudly known as Ghost City, Jerome has embraced the supernatural and created a civic identity around ghostly attractions. If you need a serious dose of spooky, Jerome is the place to get it.

What to do in Jerome

  • October Jerome Ghost Walk— Every October, costumed performers are stationed throughout the city to reenact the stories of past residents. You’ll discover jilted lovers, shoot-out victims, and mysterious figures with fascinating stories to tell about life in a mining town.

Where to eat and drink in Jerome

  • Haunted Hamburger ($$)—The unearthly mood continues at this local favorite, where you can eat dinner while looking out over the valley. Ask the owners about the spirit who haunted their renovation process.
  • Spirit Room ($)—To end your night, head to the Spirit Room—a well-liked local bar with live music where “all the spirits are friendly.”

Where to stay in Jerome

The red stairs leads visitors to the haunted Jerome Grand Hotel in Jerome, Arizona
Jerome Grand Hotel, Jerome, Arizona
  • Jerome Grand Hotel—Stay at (or simply visit) the Jerome Grand Hotel for maximum creep. It used to be the town’s hospital, and there have been repeated sightings of patients who died there. There’s also a ghost named Claude who met his end in an elevator shaft. Cost per night, from $250
Key Takeaway If you only have time for one haunted road trip, Jerome (AKA Ghost City) is a great choice.
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Prescott, Arizona

34.7 miles, 54 minutes from Jerome
Only two hours from Phoenix, Prescott is an attractive mountainside town with Wild West vibes. This city has plenty of haunted history, but in contrast to Jerome, it has a lot more to offer than just kitschy ghost stories and cleverly named cocktails.
To get to Prescott from Jerome, follow AZ-89 S to E Gurley St.

Why you should go to Prescott

Here you’ll find haunted saloons, a real crypt keeper, and ghost-hunting opportunities galore. Join a tour or find other believers (many flock here) to compare stories of apparitions.

What to do in Prescott

  • Prescott Center for the Arts.—If you’re visiting in October, don’t miss the annual Ghost Talk at the Prescott Center for the Arts. Hosted by a crypt keeper and embellished by costumed actors portraying spirits, the walking tour is memorable. The experience is amplified by the architecture—the arts center is a 19th-century gothic former church.
  • A Haunting Experience—A weekend walking tour given by A Haunting Experience covers the main haunted buildings in Prescott. It’s not recommended for children under 13 as the tour covers real historic events (and unsavory characters).

Where to eat in Prescott

  • Palace Saloon ($$)—Named one of the “Top 10 Bars in America”, the Palace Saloon is reportedly bursting with spirits of mischievous lawmen and outlaws.

Where to stay in Prescott

  • Hassayampa Inn—This lovely inn in the heart of downtown Prescott is where a young bride, abandoned by her husband on their honeymoon, hung herself from the bell tower. Cost per night: from $89

Lost Dutchman State Park, Arizona

138 miles, 2 hours 23 minutes from Prescott
Just 40 minutes from downtown Phoenix is a spooky state park with a frightful history. Lost Dutchman is a lovely bite-sized escapade for locals who enjoy outdoor activity. Pay no mind to unusual gusts of wind or flickering shadows. It’s a trick of the light, right?
If you’re traveling here from Prescott, take I-17 S to AZ-202 E. Follow E Brown Road and W Lost Dutchman Trail to AZ-88 E.

Why you should go to Lost Dutchman

Sign for the Superstition Wilderness in front of the Superstition Mountains
Superstition Mountains, Lost Dutchman State Park, Arizona
There’s nothing wrong with a guided ghost tour, but some people prefer to take charge of their own haunted adventuring. Lost Dutchman State Park offers an open-air opportunity to hunt ghosts amid the real goldfields of the Superstition Mountains.
Whether you sense otherworldly activity or not, at the end of the day you’ll have accomplished a great hike and you’ll be just minutes from world-class restaurants in downtown Phoenix.

What to do in Lost Dutchman

  • Visit the gold mines—This scenic park offers challenging trails and unparalleled views. The legendary Lost Dutchman’s gold mine is supposedly hidden in these hills. Treasure hunters have lost their lives hunting for the stash.
  • Treasure Loop Trail—Try to resist the gold fever and pick a trail to explore. This is the most popular one and is just 2.5 miles round trip. While you walk, keep an eye out for holes dug by hopeful prospectors in pursuit of gold. Get out before sundown to avoid the undead miners.
Pro Tip Lost Dutchman State Park can easily be done as a day trip from Phoenix.
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Bisbee, Arizona

206 miles, 3 hours 30 minutes from Lost Dutchman
Picturesque and with perfect weather year-round, Bisbee is a great southern town. It is 1 ½ hours from Tucson and just 20 minutes from the Mexican border. It’s also one of the most haunted places in Arizona.
If you’re visiting Bisbee as part of the bigger loop, take US-60 E (aptly named Superstition Freeway) to I-10 E. Follow I-10 E to AZ-80 E into Bisbee.

Why you should go to Bisbee

If you want to visit a real ghost town without sacrificing comfort, Bisbee is the place for you. There’s a haunted pub crawl, a haunted hotel, and plenty of abandoned buildings to explore. Bisbee has ethereal spirits in the hotel and the town is equipped with a Seance Room to communicate with lingering spirits.

What to do in Bisbee

  • Ghost Tour—Formerly a busy copper mining town, Bisbee has a delightfully uneasy feeling. Learn about its sordid past and visit the must-see haunted places around town on a ghost tour. It’s not appropriate for younger children but offers plenty of fun for mature teens. Adults may enjoy the bi-weekly haunted pub crawl where “spirits” are guaranteed.

Where to stay in Bisbee

Outside the white-colored exterior of the haunted Copper Queen Hotel in Bisbee, Arizona
Copper Queen Hotel, Bisbee, Arizona
  • Copper Queen Hotel—This is a great place to spend the night. The upper floors of this 1902 building are said to contain several resident spirits. Keep your eyes peeled for a tall man wearing a cape, a dancing woman, and a young boy with the giggles.
  • Oliver House—This bed and breakfast was formerly a boarding house. The proprietor will happily share stories about the adulterous lodgers who were murdered in cold blood many moons ago. On second thought, you may not get much sleep here. Cost per night: from $95

Tombstone, Arizona

23 miles, 25 minutes from Bisbee
Famously known as the location of the gunfight at the O.K. Corral, Tombstone is the jewel in the crown of Arizona’s most haunted towns. Just one hour from Tucson, it’s easy to get into the spooky mood against a backdrop of Wild West buildings and an open sky. From Bisbee, take AZ-80 W to get to Tombstone.

Why you should go to Tombstone

Tombstone is a bucket-list destination for ghost-hunters and history buffs. Nowhere else can you experience this level of immersion into a real ghost town.

What to do in Tombstone

An old-fashion western stagecoach on the streets of historic Tombstone, Arizona
Tombstone, Arizona
  • Boothill Graveyard—Start here to stroll the tombstones of famous outlaws like Three Fingered Jack Dunlop.
  • Birdcage Theater—The delightfully raunchy building used to serve as a gambling den, brothel, and saloon. There’s a former opium den here, too.
  • Gunfighter & Ghost Tour—Sign up for a tour to get the full experience. They use EMFs to detect paranormal activity, so who knows what you’ll encounter here?

Tucson, Arizona

71.5 miles, 1 hour 13 minutes from Tombstone
Tucson has all the elements of a perfect haunted road trip: great food, incredible art, and petrifying phantoms.

Why you should go to Tucson

Tucson is home to a marvelously spooky aircraft boneyard. You don’t even have to hop a fence to visit it!

What to do in Tucson

  • Davis-Monthan Air Force Base—The Air Force Base contains a huge aircraft boneyard. Book a tour and explore eerie rows of abandoned military planes that have been decommissioned.

Where to stay in Tucson

Tucson cityscape with the Hotel Congress in the forefront
Tucson, Arizona
  • Hotel Congress—Stay here for an even more sinister experience. A favorite among gamblers and gangsters in the 1920s, this hotel has tricky ghosts and lots of good stories. If you choose to stay the night, we recommend that you avoid rooms 219 and 220—unless you don’t mind otherworldly company. Cost per night: from $109
    Pro Tip You can visit Tucson on its own weekend trip. Stay here for a home base and go to Bisbee and Tombstone as day trips.

Phoenix, Arizona

113 miles, 1 hour 45 minutes from Phoenix
If you prefer gangster ghosts and ghoulish cocktails to rickety mines, head to Phoenix. Along with world-class hiking, Phoenix has a surprising number of haunted bars and restaurants.

Why you should go to Phoenix

Orange and pink sunset along the Phoenix skyline
Phoenix, Arizona
Who says the best haunted places in Arizona are saloons and old mines? Go to Phoenix for a haunted road trip with a bit of class. Here you can dine (with ghosts) at top-notch restaurants and take in a show (with ghosts) at a world-renowned theatre.

What to do in Phoenix

  • Orpheum Theatre—The theatre is known to contain several ghosts. Some only appear during rehearsals, but some prefer to haunt the audience on the upper balcony.
  • Goodyear Farms Historic Cemetery—It’s not open to the public at night, but even in the daytime it’s impossible to ignore the sheer number of anonymous graves here.

Where to eat in Phoenix

  • Casey Moore’s Oyster House—The Oyster House has an incredible menu, but don’t bring your sweetie. The resident female spirit has a strong dislike for romance.
  • Four Peaks Brewery Company ($$)—The brewery has great pub food (and apparently some playful specters who like to mess with your place settings).

Where to stay in Phoenix

  • Hotel San Carlos— has a similar story to the Casey Moore Oyster House, except the female spirit in question killed herself not long after the hotel opened.
Pro Tip Don’t want to get dusty and dirty while ghost-hunting? No problem. Phoenix and Tucson have plenty of haunted buildings that can satisfy your phobophilia.
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