Are Dodges Expensive to Maintain?

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Dodge is a popular manufacturer and their vehicles rank 19th out of 32 brands for reliability. A Dodge’s average annual repair cost is $634, slightly above the national figure.
Once you pay for your Dodge, you’ll need to budget for proper maintenance to keep your vehicle running smoothly. Some makes and models cost more than others to maintain, too.
To help you understand what to expect with your new (or new-to-you) Dodge, the car insurance comparison shopping and broker app Jerry has compiled everything you need to know about whether Dodges are expensive to maintain.

How much maintenance does my Dodge require?

Dodge has about average reliability. You can expect your Dodge to require slightly more maintenance than vehicles made by other car brands. 
RepairPal notes that, on average, Dodges visit the repair shop about 0.2 times per year for unscheduled maintenance. That’s not too bad, but here’s the clincher. Of these repairs, about 15% are considered severe. That rate is significantly higher than the national average of 12% across all makes.
Need a comparison? Toyota produces similar trucks and cars, but their annual repair cost is just $441. 

How much does maintenance for a Dodge cost?

On average, a Dodge costs about $634 per year for standard maintenance.
Of course, your Dodge maintenance cost will vary depending on the specific model. For instance, how much does a Dodge Challenger cost? Not only is the price tag higher but its maintenance costs are also higher than other models like a Dodge Journey’s. 
Let’s explore the average annual maintenance costs for a few popular Dodge models.

Budget: Dodge Journey 

  • Reliability: 4/5 (average)
  • Annual maintenance cost: $500 (average)
  • Repair frequency: 0.3 times per year (average)

Mid-range: Dodge Durango

  • Reliability: 3.5/5 (average)
  • Annual Maintenance cost: $514average)
  • Repair Frequency: 0.2 times per year (average) 

Splurge: Dodge Challenger

  • Reliability: 3.5/5 (average)
  • Annual maintenance cost: $662 (average)
  • Repair frequency: 0.2 times per year (average)

Why you should maintain your Dodge

There are financial and safety benefits to performing regular maintenance on your Dodge:
  •  Saves you money by preventing costly problems
  •  Keeps you safe while driving
  •  Retains the value of your car 
  •  Keeps your vehicle performing at its best
You risk an expensive and inconvenient breakdown if you fail to do regular maintenance. Plus, you put yourself at risk of driving an unsafe vehicle. Save yourself the time and money of a huge disaster by investing in regular maintenance for your Dodge.
Key Takeaway More expensive Dodges tend to cost more to maintain, although most models share a similar reliability rating.

How often does a Dodge require maintenance?

MileageServiceAverage cost
Every 7,500 miles or six monthsOil change, rotate tires, inspect brake hoses and lines$100
Every 16,000 miles or 12 monthsAir filter replacement, inspect exhaust system, inspect front suspension$69 to $78
Every 24,000 miles or 18 monthsInspect CV joints, rear axle fluid$80 (or $1,000+ if repair needed)
Every 32,000 miles or 24 monthsReplace engine air cleaner filter, replace air conditioning filter, replace spark plugs, inspect brake linings$410 to $445
Every 104,000 miles or 60 monthsFlush and replace engine coolant$260 to $300

Oil changes

  • When: Usually required every six months
  • Cost: $40 to $60
  • Why: Important to remove excess grime that builds up in your engine from use
  • DIY?: Maybe—if you have the right tools

Tire replacement

  • When: NHTSA recommends that tires be replaced every six years, regardless of the number of miles driven
  • Cost: $130 to $350 per tire
  • Why: Worn-out tires can lead to hydroplaning in wet weather or poor gripping in dry conditions
  • DIY?: No—let a professional handle the tire replacement to ensure that your new tires are balanced for even wear and a smooth ride

Engine replacement

  • When: If the engine block is cracked, damaged in a collision, or simply worn out due to high-mileage
  • Cost: $4,000+
  • Why: A healthy engine is the best way to prolong the life of your vehicle
  • DIY?: No—take your Dodge to a reputable mechanic for an engine replacement

Windshield replacement

  • When: If the crack is longer than your hand, extends to the outer edge of the windshield, or deep enough that it goes halfway into the windshield
  • Cost: $350
  • Why: Cracks can impair your vision, leading to unsafe driving
  • DIY?: No—please do not attempt to install a new windshield yourself


  • When: Visible discoloration or paint peeling
  • Cost: $500 to $4,000
  • Why: Paint can help prevent corrosion and improve the resale value 
  • DIY?: Possible—you’ll need professional-grade tools and skills, plus a safe place to apply the paint 

Rear window

  • When: If there are cracks or damage to the glass
  • Cost: $200 to $450
  • Why: Cracks lead to poor visibility and the risk of shattering while on the road
  • DIY?: No—take your car to a mechanic to get a new rear window installed 

Water pump

  • When: If you spot coolant leaks or hear whining noises
  • Cost: $337 to $515
  • Why: The pump is an essential component of your vehicle’s cooling system
  • DIY?: Possible—if you know your way around under the hood, give it a try but be prepared for at least half a day’s work

Finding cheap car insurance

Maintaining your Dodge is smart, but it’s not the only way to take care of your vehicle. Good car insurance is a great way to protect yourself and your vehicle from unpredictable situations.
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