Can You Negotiate Car Insurance Prices?

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Haggling can be a great way to get what you want while saving a little money.
One of the highest expenses a driver has to budget for is car insurance. So, if you’re a vehicle owner that has a knack for negotiating your phone bill, you might be wondering if you can apply the same expertise to secure lower car insurance premiums.
You might have luck haggling the price of a car. But, unfortunately, auto insurance doesn’t work that way. Here’s why car insurance companies don’t negotiate lower premiums.

Car insurance rates aren’t negotiable

The car insurance market is highly regulated. The National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) is a board that licenses and regulates insurance companies to ensure their rates are fair while ensuring their policies don’t have major gaps that could be misleading to customers.
Because the industry is highly regulated, an insurance company must ensure that two customers with the exact same profile receive the same quotes for insurance.
However, that does not mean that all insurance companies have the same rates. Each insurer calculates rates based on individual profile factors such as:
  • Your driving record
  • The mileage you put on your car
  • The state, city, and neighborhood you live in
  • Your age
  • Your gender
  • Your credit score
  • And the type of car insurance you need and your deductible
Each insurance company has its own matrix that weighs these criteria to establish your rate.
For example, Insurance A might say that a customer’s driving record makes up 40% of their calculation while it might only account for 20% at Insurance B. Someone with speeding tickets or car accidents on their record could have lower rates at Insurance B for that reason.

Tips to lower your car insurance premiums

However, you can still save money on car insurance, even if you can’t negotiate. Here are a few tips for securing the lowest rates:
Compare insurance providers: Compare rates between insurers to find out who has the coverage you need for the best price. is an app that gives you the most competitive quotes and coverage (in 45 seconds!).
Get your coverage limits reduced: If your insurance premiums seem high, check if your coverage limits are excessive. If you have your $10,000 car insured for $20,000, for example, you’ll be subjected to inflated insurance premiums. In a loss, you won’t collect more than your car is worth anyway, so there is no benefit to overpaying.
Find applicable discounts: Speaking of discounts, you might be eligible to save based on your unique situation. Some potential discounts include:
  • An early bird discount
  • Mature driver discount
  • Claims free discount
  • Low mileage discount
  • Veteran or occupation-based discounts
  • Safe driving course discount
Bundle your insurance: If you already have a great price on car insurance, you might be able to lower it by bundling your car insurance with home insurance or life insurance products. By combining your policies all under one provider, you can often get a bundle discount.