Are Buicks Expensive to Maintain?

Buicks have average maintenance and repair costs compared to other car brands.
Written by Bonnie Stinson
Edited by Pat Roache
Reviewed by Carrie Adkins
At $608 per year, Buick vehicles are on par with average maintenance costs across most major car brands—as is their likelihood of needing serious
car repairs
  • Average Buick maintenance costs vary across models, from $391 per year for the Verano to $648 per year for the Enclave.
  • The Buick brand ranks 13th out of 32 for reliability among major automakers.
  • Regular maintenance according to your Buick’s owner’s manual is essential to keep your Buick working properly for as long as possible.

Average Buick maintenance costs

A Buick costs about $608 per year on average for standard maintenance.
That said, Buick maintenance costs can vary widely depending on which model you own. Below are the average annual maintenance costs and reliability ratings for a few popular Buick models.

Budget: Buick Verano

  • Annual maintenance cost: $391
  • Reliability: 4/5 
  • Repair frequency: 0.2 times per year

Mid-range: Buick Encore

  • Annual maintenance cost: $511 
  • Reliability: 4/5 
  • Repair frequency: 0.1 times per year

Splurge: Buick Enclave

  • Annual maintenance cost: $648
  • Reliability: 3/5 
  • Repair frequency: 0.5 times per year 

Buick has slightly above-average reliability

Buick ranks 13th out of 32 car brands for reliability: You can expect your Buick to require a normal (or less than normal!) amount of maintenance compared to most cars.
RepairPal notes that Buicks visit the repair shop for unscheduled maintenance about 0.3 times per year on average. Of these repairs, 13% are considered severe.
For comparison: The average rate for major repairs across all models is 12%.
tend to visit the repair shop 0.4 times per year with 17% of repairs considered severe.

Benefits of proper Buick maintenance

Here are some of the key benefits of following a
basic car maintenance schedule
for your Buick:
  • Safer to drive
  • Catch problems early on before they become costly or dangerous
  • Get the best performance possible out of your vehicle
  • Keep the value of your car high
Keep in mind: Your Buick reliability is highly dependent upon consistent maintenance. Failing to maintain your Buick can lead to unsafe driving and increase the chance of having an expensive and inconvenient breakdown.

Standard Buick maintenance schedule

Average cost
Every 5,000 miles
Oil change, tire rotation
Every 20,000 miles
Change cabin and engine air filters
Every 30,000 miles
Service driveline, clean and inspect drive axle boot seals, brake pads
Every 45,000 miles
Service the cooling system and transmission
Every 90,000 miles
Replace drive belts and spark plugs
Expert tip: Check your owner’s manual or contact your Buick dealership to get the most accurate recommended maintenance schedule for your Buick model.

Oil changes

  • When: Usually required every 5,000 miles
  • Cost: $112 to $121, including labor and parts
  • Why: Important to remove excess dirt that can build up in your engine from use
  • DIY?: Maybe—if you have the right tools

Tire replacement

  • When: NHTSA recommends that tires be replaced every six years, regardless of the number of miles driven
  • Cost: $100 to $300 per tire, not including installation costs
  • Why: Worn-out tires are not safe and can lead to your car hydroplaning in wet weather.
  • DIY?: No—it’s best to let a professional handle the tire replacement so they can ensure your new tires are balanced for even wear and a smooth ride.

Engine replacement

  • When: If the engine block is cracked, damaged in a collision, or simply worn out due to high-mileage
  • Cost: $6,500+
  • Why: A healthy engine will prolong the life of your car.
  • DIY?: No—
    take your car to a reputable mechanic
    for an engine replacement.

Windshield replacement

  • When: If the crack is longer than your hand, extends to the outer edge of the windshield, or is deep enough that it goes halfway into the windshield
  • Cost: $350 to $675
  • Why: A severely cracked windshield can impair your vision.
  • DIY?: No—avoid attempting to install a new windshield yourself.


  • When: Visible discoloration or paint peeling
  • Cost: $1,000 to $4,500
  • Why: A good paint job can prevent corrosion and improve resale value.
  • DIY?: Possible—but a professional-looking
    paint job
    requires specific tools and knowledge, not to mention a safe place to apply the paint.

Sway bar

  • When: If you hear clunking or squeaking, or if you notice excessive leaning
  • Cost: $104 to $144
  • Why: A good sway bar helps your suspension and improves your ability to corner safely
  • DIY?: No—this is a job for your mechanic


  • When: If you notice temperature gauge issues or if your engine is overheating
  • Cost: $236 to $268
  • Why: A nonfunctional thermostat could result in a cold engine, which will damage the vehicle
  • DIY?: Possibly. Be sure you have the skill and space to complete the
    thermostat replacement

Water pump

  • When: If you hear whining noises or notice leaks
  • Cost: $217 to $357
  • Why: This part is essential for helping coolant circulate and preventing overheating
  • DIY?: No—you’ll need an expert for this repair


  • When: Misfires and engine stalling are two telltale signs of a manifold problem
  • Cost: $493 to $672
  • Why: The manifold controls the air-fuel ratio, and a bad one could lead to engine problems
  • DIY?: No—take your Buick to an auto garage for manifold problems
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