Are BMWs Expensive to Maintain?

Are BMWs expensive to maintain? Yes—but you can’t get luxury without dropping some cash! Let’s review everything you need to know about BMW maintenance costs.
Written by Bonnie Stinson
Reviewed by Carrie Adkins
Updated on Apr 27, 2022
BMW maintenance costs are well above the national average, ranging from $950 to $1,000 per year. While your actual costs will depend on which model you drive and how you use it, BMW is rated 2.5 out of 5 for reliability by RepairPal.
A well-known brand, BMW manufacturers luxury sedans, coupes, and convertibles.
have the most BMWs in the entire country. So, what does it cost to maintain a luxury vehicle? Keep reading to find out.
Below we cover essential and optional maintenance costs—plus ways to lower your overall spending as a BMW owner. One smart way to bring down costs is to use
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From the most expensive BMW to the types of service required, let’s explore: Are BMWs expensive to maintain?

How much does it cost to maintain a BMW?

The average annual maintenance cost for a BMW is about $950. This is hundreds of dollars above the national average—although BMW is a luxury brand, so it makes sense.
Your specific maintenance costs will depend on the model, trim level, and mileage of your vehicle. Let’s consider some examples of approximate annual costs by model, from most expensive BMW to least expensive.

Budget: BMW 3 Series

  • Reliability: 2.5/5 (average)
  • Annual maintenance cost: $748 (average)
  • Repair frequency: Every 10,000 miles (average)

Mid-range: BMW X5

  • Reliability: 2/5 (average)
  • Annual maintenance cost: $1,166 (average)
  • Repair frequency: 0.5 times per year (average)

Splurge: BMW X1

  • Reliability: 3.5/5 (average)
  • Annual maintenance cost: $1,769 (average)
  • Repair frequency: 0.7 times per year (average)
For reference, the annual national average is about $650 for maintenance costs.
Key Takeaway Every model of BMW has a different maintenance cost, but no matter the model you can expect to pay at least $200 over the national average to maintain your BMW.

Why you should maintain your BMW

Benefits of regular maintenance include a better performing vehicle, higher assessed value, and savings (thanks to preventing costly problems).

How often does a BMW require maintenance?

Average cost
Every 7,500 miles
Oil change, tire rotation
$147 to $169
Every 30,000 miles
Air filter replacement
$107 to $140
Every 45,000 miles
Brake fluid flush and refill
$70 to $140
Every 60,000 miles
Transmission fluid change (auto), coolant flush and refill
$238 to $268
Every 105,000 miles
Spark plugs replacement, timing belt replacement

Oil changes

  • When: Usually required every 5,000 to 7,500 miles
  • Cost: $135 to $175
  • Why: To remove excess dirt that builds up in your engine
  • DIY?: Possible—if you have the right tools

Tire replacement

  • When: NHTSA recommends replacing your tires every six years, no matter how many miles you drive
  • Cost: $150 to $350 per tire
  • Why: Worn-out tires can lead to hydroplaning and accidents
  • DIY?: No—a professional can safely install your tires and ensure a balanced fit for even wear
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Engine replacement

  • When: If your engine block is worn out, cracked, or damaged due to a crash
  • Cost: $5,000 to $7,000
  • Why: Your engine is the key to a healthy vehicle
  • DIY?: No—take your BMW to a mechanic for an engine replacement

Windshield replacement

  • When: If you have a crack that extends to the outer edge, if the crack is longer than your hand, or if it’s deep enough that it goes halfway through
  • Cost: $100 to $400
  • Why: Cracks can prevent you from seeing the road clearly
  • DIY?: No—trained professionals can replace your windshield quickly and safely


  • When: If you see peeling or any discoloration
  • Cost: $2,000+
  • Why: Keep your paint in good condition to prevent corrosion and retain resale value
  • DIY?: No—painting a vehicle requires special equipment and a safe, well-ventilated space

Brake fluid

  • When: A spongy brake pedal or poor braking performance
  • Cost: $210 to $224
  • Why: If you can’t brake safely, you can’t drive safely
  • DIY?: No—get a trained mechanic to change out the fluid

Cover gasket

  • When: Burning or leaking oil is a telltale sign of a bad cover gasket
  • Cost: $576 to $707
  • Why: You need to keep the oil in the right place, otherwise it will affect the car’s performance
  • DIY?: No—go to an auto shop to replace the cover gasket
Key Takeaway BMW maintenance is expensive. Dealerships are the best place to go for complex problems, but local auto mechanics could be an economic way to take care of small repairs.

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