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A specialty insurance company that brings a variety of insurance choices together through affiliate companies in an effort to provide diverse coverage options, Foremost Insurance was established in 1952 and is licensed to operate throughout the entire U.S. As a company, Foremost Insurance has been instrumental in the development of non-traditional insurance policies.
Nearly 40,000 agents across the country represent Foremost Insurance and its insurance policy choices. Its affiliated companies list is comprised of names that are known for their reliability and dependability, including Farmers Insurance, AARP, Bristol West, and J.C. Taylor.
While Foremost Insurance offers a wide range of insurance options, here’s what you should know about the five main categories—with a little help from car insurance broker and comparison app Jerry.
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Homeowners insurance

When considering home insurance options, remember it encompasses much more than coverage for a traditional house. The different types include:
  • Primary residence, defined as the residence you live in the most.
  • Mobile home, often referred to as a manufactured home that can be transported from one area to another.
  • Seasonal home, defined as a vacation home.
  • Vacant home, sometimes a second home that no one lives in on a regular basis.
  • Landlord, which covers the landlord of the home from liabilities.
  • Renters, which covers the renter of a residence.
  • Condominium (owner, vacant and landlord), which is insurance for condos, no matter if occupied by owner, a renter, or left vacant.
  • Flood insurance, which is added coverage for flood on multiple types of residences.

Automobile and motorcycle insurance

There are several types of auto and motorcycle policies available through Foremost Insurance. The most common are:
  • Auto, designed to cover your primary means of normal transportation.
  • Collectible auto, often used for vintage vehicles or other automobiles not meant for everyday use.
  • Commercial auto, which is coverage for automobiles used for primarily business purposes.
  • Motorcycle, designed for motorcycles and similar vehicles.
  • Scooter, which covers small motorized vehicles with less power than a motorcycle.
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Marine insurance

Often the term marine is associated with boats only. However, in terms of insurance, it can also include personal watercrafts (PWC). PWC’s are small recreational vessels designed to hold one or two people. Marine insurance policies include:
  • Boat, which is coverage for varying types of watercraft that range in sizes and riders are inside the vehicle.
  • Personal watercraft, designed for smaller watercrafts such as jet skis, waverunners, sea-doos and similar in which riders stand or sit on vehicles.

RV insurance

Nowadays, it seems there are just as many recreational vehicles as there are types of more traditional homes. In fact, there are many people who prefer to live in their RV as their primary residence, giving them the freedom to travel to and live where they desire at any given time. Foremost Insurance recognizes this need and offers policies for the following:
  • Motorhome, which provides coverage for a home on wheels, often referred to as one of the main types of recreational vehicle.
  • Travel trailer, designed to cover a camper that is pulled by a vehicle.
  • 5th wheel, coverage for a home on wheels, but without the motor and is towed by a large size vehicle with significant pulling power.
  • Luxury motor coach, designed to insure a recreational vehicle with all the bells and whistles.

Off-road vehicle coverage

Becoming ever more popular, off-road vehicles vary in size and capabilities. With this in mind, there are several types of insurance for these recreational vehicles, including:
  • Off-road vehicle, which covers varying types of vehicles used for off main road experiences.
  • Snowmobile, designed for vehicles used in snowy conditions.
  • Golf cart, which is coverage for golf carts in limited usage.
  • Neighborhood electric vehicle, which is similar to golf carts, varying slightly in design and usage.
Foremost Insurance provides a full list of coverages available on its products page. If you need help sorting out your insurance options, they have agents across the nation to assist you.
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