10 Attractive Nuisances That Could Raise Your Home Insurance Rates

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People often add features to their home for leisure activities or to increase its value. Swimming in your new pool is a great way to spend the weekend entertaining friends, for example, but it’s also a potential hazard that could increase the risk of an accident at your home.
That’s basically what an attractive nuisance: something you’ve chosen to have on your property but that could be potentially dangerous yet also irresistible for other people—mainly children. Here are the 10 most common attractive nuisances.

Swimming pool

A swimming pool is great for recreational activities but is a drowning hazard, especially to children. When you have a pool on your property, you should surround it with a fence high enough to make it difficult for children to reach it. You should also put a lock on any gates into the area and cover the pool when not in use.

Lawn equipment

Lawn equipment like lawn mowers and yard trimmers, especially if they have moving parts, are common attractive nuisances. Children are tempted to touch and play with them. When not in use, these items should be locked away so they are not easily accessible.

Discarded appliances

Discarded appliances can be extremely dangerous, especially ones that can be climbed into like a refrigerator or freezer. Children can get trapped in them because they cannot open the doors once inside. These items should be disposed of properly.

Artificial pond

If you love koi or goldfish, you may have added an artificial pond on your property. They are a beautiful feature that provides tranquility and curb appeal to your home. However, they also attract children and are a drowning hazard. Make sure you put up warning signs, as well as a gate and fence if possible.


While there is little chance you will build a railroad on your property, you may live in close proximity to one. If you have the ability to put a fence to make it less accessible, it is a good idea. Also, a sign can warn others of its danger.

Abandoned car

An abandoned car is a common attractive nuisance. Unfortunately, they are a danger to children, who can get trapped in the trunk or the vehicle itself, which can be extremely dangerous during hot weather. If you have a vehicle that is no longer in use, make sure it is locked. However, it is best to properly dispose of it.

Unsecured animal

A sleeping dog can look peaceful and friendly, but when startled by a child, it can bite. Keep your animals in the house or a fenced yard so they are not easily accessible to children and others. Animals are naturally protective of their family and home, so they can get easily irritated or aggressive if strangers come near.

Treehouse and playground equipment

Items designed for children such as treehouses, trampolines, and playground equipment are fun, but are also common attractive nuisances. If you have these features on your property, it is important to enclose them with a fence if possible. Also, never leave children unattended, as that can lead to injury.

Construction projects

Often adding a new feature to your home or property involves a construction period. During this time, equipment and lumber might be left out, as well as holes dug in the ground. These items cause tripping hazards and other dangers. Be sure to carefully mark the area as a construction zone and find ways to prevent injury. Also, cover any open holes so that children cannot fall into them.

Power lines

To children, power lines may look like fun to touch, especially since they don’t understand the danger they pose. If you have above ground lines on your property, keep ladders and other items away or locked up so that they cannot be easily reached.

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